January 21, 2005

Chistianity devolves into grim self-parody

The self-appointed mouth pieces of Jesus have finally figured out what's wrong with the children of America. It's not lack of math and science education, lack of adequate health care, or even the prospect of endless war. No. It's SpongeBob Squarepants.

Who knew that such an seemingly innocuous product of the children's entertainment industry would, in fact, be a pied piper of homosexuality. You may be saying, well there are a lot of people who are 'camp' but aren't gay. This is not what's set off radical cleric James Dobson this time. Like most homophobes his gaydar clearly doesn't work. (If it did Bert and Ernie would have been in his crosshairs long ago.) No it's for a tape about tolerance. See in fundie mind a sponge, a dinosaur, a construction worker, a bear, and some babies singing and dancing to 'We Are Family' is something of a Rosetta Stone. The construction worker and the disco music remind them of gay, of course, but also the 1970's which was a hard time for them. Pornography was on the rise, their man Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace, abortion was legalized, the Equal Rights Amendment looked very popular, church attendance plummeted. It was something of a rebuilding decade for organized religion. Add to this the popularity of disco which very few people knew at the time was music from the gay/black subculture of ,gasp, New York City and it was a full nightmare of a time for them.

Secondly the tape plants in the back of their mind ideas about evolution: a sponge, a dinosaur, a bear and some babies... Family? The cast is like a chart at a junior high science fair - simpler life forms surviving or dying off because of successful adaptation to their environment.

Finally, the message of tolerance itself is anathema to these guys. Many of these major evangelists were on the losing side of the Civil Rights battles of the last century. Not just in this country, but in Africa by backing Apartheid and making business deals with brutally suppressive dictators. One wonders if they've realized their errors or if they will continue to hold tight on the slippery slopes towards universal human rights.

All of these things contribute in the background, perhaps shedding light on this seemingly insane crusade. It's clear Dobson and pals will allow no Negra-lovin', gay, evolutionists to come on the scene without if not being cast out, at least keeping his pasty mug in the national spotlight.

Posted by Spicolli' at January 21, 2005 1:19 PM