January 21, 2005


Did you find President Bush’s inaugural address inspiring?

( Yes or No )

I won't lie, I voted YES. I was quite inspired to buy a high powered sniping rifle complete with MSBT's (Moron Seeking Ballistics Technology). Or maybe a slingshot with a special harness for pretzels. To be honest, killing the president or his cronies isn't the answer, for it's the system that fails us all. The system fails fails fails. And then, the sheeple fail the system on top of it all. Now Bush wants to "Spread Democracy" to the world. All I know, is that if I weren't here in America, I'm not sure that I'd want democracy. I look at what our nation is becoming and I'd have to say that I want something BETTER than democracy, because democracy isn't looking like the holy grail of governments anymore. I have questions... Who's to say that it's our right to infringe on THEIR right to not have democracy? Are we crusaders out to have holy political wars and spread our beliefs and systems to the reaches of the globe? And are we only going to spread democracy to countries that harbor oil and Halliburton project possibilities? When are domestic issues going to take priority over foreign problems? Are soldier deaths going to help Social Security since we no longer have to pay them (since they will never reach retirement age)? Will we ever have a truly unbiased, logical, and fair system of government? And finally, WILL WE EVER TRULY BE FREE?

Sgt. Hans Shultz For President! (Why not?)

Posted by Reese at January 21, 2005 2:29 PM