January 26, 2005

Da Newz 2

According to CNN, Two Ocala, Florida boys (ages 9 and 10 respectively) were arrested for drawing a stick figure of a classmate being stabbed and hung. Talk about your police state. Seems to figure that the same policing system issues a "sorry, there's really nothing we can do, ma'am" when an ex-husband issues a death threat to his ex-wife. In Jacksonville, Florida, a husband took out a $17,000 full page newspaper ad begging his wife for forgiveness. Now THAT man should be arrested for false advertising, it's a fact that men never say that they are sorry and mean it, because they are never wrong (besides, if MY husband threw away 17K like that, I'd SURELY not want him back!). In other grim news, even more military personnel lost their lives today (not surprisingly, of course). 36 to be exact, which is the highest single day total to date. Good job guys! Go home team! America kicks ass! Um, why are we fighting in Iraq again? I feel sorry for a lot of things when I see this type of news story practically every day. I feel sorry for the soldiers that were given orders to their deaths for a cause that's illogical and questionable at best. I feel sorry for the trust that they put in their own government to not put them in unnecessary harm's way. I feel sorry for wasted money, lives, and time spent there. When in my lifetime is competency going to rear its pretty little head in the nation's capitol?

TWO CNN QUICKVOTES (Lame online voting done the CNN way!):
1.) Do you think "Passion of the Christ" should have been nominated for best picture?

Yes - Nice work of fiction, Mel!. And the blood beatings were uber-cool!

No - It sucked donkey dong. Show James Caviezel's ass and maybe.

Undecided - Who gives a flying fuck about low-brow, pat-yourself-on-the-back, circle-jerk awards shows for overly-paid mortals who could inflate the Hindenburg with their egos alone, I've got better, more intellectual subjects to think about, thank you very much.

2.) Would you be willing to sacrifice your own life to create a democracy in Iraq?

Yes - I love IRAQ so much, that I'd rather not exist so that they can vote for dumbass presidents just like we do! OK.. so 3000 people ACTUALLY said YES to this poll. That's either 3000 lying sacks of shit or a mixture of liars, Iraqis, and suicidal maniacs. I doubt that even ole Dubya would say YES to this one.

No - Of course not, moron. Democracy is our problem to deal with. Lack of Democracy is THEIR problem.

Undecided - Um.. How about we let the government rape us of our civil rights and reinstate the draft so that they can make this decision for us and force us into spreading Democracy. Ain't Democracy grand?

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I know what you're thinking... just who IS this handsomely strapped stud?

Posted by Reese at January 26, 2005 8:35 AM