January 28, 2005

Da News 3

Yet Another.. CNN QUICKVOTE:

Would you vote on Sunday if you were an Iraqi?

Yes - But I'd wait until late in the day after all of the suicide bombers are done detonating themselves.

No - Although without an electoral college, they just may have a more fair and justified democratic election in ole Iraq. Is Bush on the ballot over there, too? Just curious.

Undecided - I don't know, it's just not the same without Saddam on the ballot.

According to CNN, yet a third columnist was PAID to help push Bush's policies. Now, I personally have nothing against paid-for supposedly unbiased news, because as far as I'm concerned, it's America and if the public is dumb enough to believe what they read or hear from the so-called "credible" news sources, then that's THEIR ignorance. And it's any normal citizen's right to take money to persuade them to do certain things. With that said, the problem lies in where the money is coming from ("Federal law bans the use of public funds for propaganda."... for no one red cent of government money should go to a place where no average taxpaying American in the USA would vote for it to go. But, I'll refrain from complaining too much... after all, you (the people) voted him back in, so you get what you deserve. Every dead soldier, every flawed agenda, every mistake, and then when the shit starts hitting the fan, and you're left in the gutter without a job, family, or hope left in your heart.. you can at least sleep better with the solace that you did the right thing and voted for ole "W". Let's just hope that it doesn't ever come to that.

From here on out, for you non-New Orleanians, we'll post pictures from Mardi Gras from the past and present to give you folks out there a glimpse of Big Easy partying! Awe yeah!


Posted by Reese at January 28, 2005 8:49 PM