January 31, 2005

Da News 4


The first wave of parades were ran this weekend for our annual Mardi Gras down here in Nawlins. As promised, I will post a pic so that you can immerse yourself in the traditions of the Big Easy no matter where you are from. Bring the kids, drop trousers, and tell your leper friends! Tis time to party!

In the newz... Iraqi's voted and only a little over 40 voters were killed according to reports. I wonder if their votes still count? We'll have to consult the Quran on that one. Also an audit revealed that the US lost track of about 9 million in Iraqi funds... in unrelated news, Halliburton claimed about a 9 million dollar gain in profit over the last fiscal quarter. And how about Michael Jackson.. not that we should be wasting our life worrying about a sorta black guy who may or may not molest children. No matter how the media hypes it up, Michael Jackson is probably the last threat against your children. The media always amazes me.. giving you the news that they think is more exciting rather than the news that is truly more important. That's life though. It's not about truth but ratings. Ratings win's because money and advertising win. Sometimes you have to really dig past the front page hype to get substance in news reporting. Anyway, here's some titties, in case you were looking for substance here on ProvocativePlanet. Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

This one is my favorite.. it's postcard quality.. with the John Deer hat redneck creepy voyeur guy , "bead whore" flashing girlie girl, the Pat-O'Brien's Hurricane drinking other girlie, and of course the well-lit Bourbon Street sigh in the background with gas powered street light to top it all off. No Photoshop work done here, twas a real moment in time.

Posted by Reese at January 31, 2005 8:28 AM