February 1, 2005

"My Manwich!!!"

Gotta love those CNN QUICKVOTES, it's like they insult the American public one question at a time.

**Do you think Michael Jackson will get a fair trial?**

Yes - Everyone in the USA gets a fair trial, from the murderous wife-beating drug dealers to O.J. Simpson! If you DON'T get a fair trial, then the system is beyond flawed. Praise Democracy!!!!

No - Each trial is rigged by odds makers in Vegas... I think the line is guilty by 4. It's a good thing, because it'll be safe enough to keep my doors unlocked again, once they get Michael off the streets!

Undecided - How are you going to find an unbiased jury that hasn't heard of or seen one of his faces before?

**Should military death benefits be increased?**

Yes - It will ease war tensions in that the spouses and parents will almost HOPE that their loved ones perish in this meaningless operation so they can receive a big soothing check from Uncle Sam!

No - I think enough money has been spent on this thing. What's the REAL point in raising it anyway? Nice P.R. move, Dubya, nice.

Undecided - Something doesn't seem right.. I hear that they barely have enough money for supplies and such. Can you say clusterfuck?

Well, tis February 1st, baby! And no soldiers are dead yet that I've read, but then again, it's only 8:30AM. Microsoft is releasing a rival search engine to the popular GOOGLE service. Now, I like Google, but this makes you wonder if they had gotten a buy-out offer from Microsoft and declined. In other news, the crematory operator, who didn't cremate like he was contracted to, apparently has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for letting bodies decay. Now these are DEAD people that he mishandled and is getting 12 years for. There are far worse crimes and far worse criminals who do things to LIVING people that don't get a 12 year sentence like that. Where's the parity and consistency in our sentencing system? The only thing this guy did wrong was breach of service contract to me... and should only be ordered to pay a fine and the cost of having the bodies cremated like they were supposed to have been per the relatives. And why is it that the only choice we have in this society is have to pay hefty charges to rid of dead bodies? I'd like to think that there would be a service that just rids bodies cheaply, in a sanitary manner, and into a landfill of sorts. Because most people probably could care less about what happens to the empty shell of flesh once it's outlived it's usefulness. I don't need to stare at a made-up corpse to pay MY respects. It's such a scam and very much preys on people's emotions and tradition. If I owned a volcano, I'd offer a service to dump bodies in there for minimal cost, and I'd probably have clientele out the door.

OK.. now for another couple of Mardi Gras fun pics!
Now meet Joe (a friend of mine's old Air Force buddy who came down for Mardi Gras one year). See Joe smile over the westbank hoochies! Run Joe Run! Lesson here is, if a girl looks like the ones pictured above, do NOT trade your beads in for a kiss. Herpes is bad enough, but the reputation and ridicule you'll get from your friends is a far more cruel fate. Move on, be patient Joe!!!

Ah, NOW look at Joe! He's found a cutie to trade beads for a kiss with. See how patience pays off? She may be flat chested, but then again Joe's no Mr. America either. Swell job anyway, Joe! Hope you've all learned your lesson and have a gosh golly gee wiz Mardi Gras, y'all!

P.S. I just went over some site statistics and noticed a couple of hits from Malaysia, so I just wanted to give a shout-out to my Malaysian niggaz.. what's up????

Posted by Reese at February 1, 2005 8:20 AM