February 3, 2005

"Black Hole Sun... Won't you come... Won't you come" or "Blow up the outside world" You decide!

So many song titles could describe the mood of myself and many others in the midst of the speech, Bush, and America's state in general.. shall we run through a few of them?

"End Of The Innocence" - Don Henley
"Blow Up The Outside World" - Soundgarden
"Black hole sun" - Soundgarden
"Policy Of Truth" - Depeche Mode
"Asshole" - Beck
"Asshole" - Dennis Leary
"It's No Good" - Depeche Mode
"MMM MMM MMM MMM" - Crash Test Dummies
"Who'll Stop The Rain" - CCR
"Seeing Red" - Unwritten Law
"Dont Come Around Here (No More)" - Tom Petty
"Something's Always Wrong" - Toad The Wet Sprocket
"Wont Get Fooled Again" - The Who
"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd
"The End Is The Beginning Is The End" - Smashing Pumpkins
"LIAR" - Rollins Band
"Karma Police" - Radiohead
"Another Day In Paradise" - Phil Collins/Genesis
"Terrible Lie" - Nine Inch Nails
"Battle of Who Could Care Less" - Ben Folds Five
"Jack-Ass" - Beck
"No Excuses" (or "Bleed the Freak") - Alice In Chains
and of course...
"American Idiot" - Green Day

***Did President Bush lay out a compelling vision for his second term?***

Yes - I had a vision of Armageddon.. kinda like the end of Terminator 3. Nukes flying all about as the world bombs the shit out of each other. The 21st century crusades will probably end in ugly fashion. Can you really blame them for hating us? The United States of Christians is raging war fucking with the Middle East... and if you're not with us, you're against us. I'm not with ya there, "W".. I suppose that I'm un-american now. You've learned well from the master of propaganda, didn't you? Just round up all of the non-Christians and send them to concentration camp Auschwitz all over again. We'll "cleanse" from within and then cleanse the world and spread democracy! When are we, as a country, going to mind our own business.. take care of shit at home, and live prosperously. Send the troops home and claim the whole thing a Mulligan, Bush! Oh Yeah! So anyway, I've ordered the cinder blocks and molten lead to build my underground bunker. Gonna pimp it out so that I'm styling when the nuclear winter ends!

No - Although a voluntary Social Security personal retirement account sounds better than what I thought was going to be. Some things still are not right. Possibly increasing the retirement age? Limiting benefits to wealthy retirees is still not fair.. I don't care if I retire with billions, the government still OWES me my money.. fuck them greedy fucks.

Undecided - I didn't watch it... I'd rather be surprised (shock and awe?) by what he does in his second term. Whatever happens is going to happen whether I saw it or not anyway.... can you say total apathy? I'm sure that I'll hear about it anyway, as Bush will be going on TOUR! Hitting the nation to promote his new agenda. I'm sure he'll sell out stadiums like the Rolling Stones. Of course, it may be cheaper to just pay off a few more journalist as they are for sale for a reasonable price I hear.

OK.. lemme try to brief you through some bad news news quickly. Insurgents killed 12 Iraqi army recruits in a bus ambush. No surprise there. Two radio personalities were fired over an "insensitive" song played about the Tsunami victims. Free speech doesn't exist.. because even with the GOVERNMENT is not bringing you down, corporate America is. Only lots of money or high ratings can change that scenario. The Superbowl will feature small cameras placed in the turf at certain points on the field. This should show much larger and more detailed ego's relative to the camera's lens size. Oh, and go PHILLY! Patriots suck ass! My NFC niggaz will prevail! A grandmother wrote a letter admitting to cheating on a High School test in 1957. After over 47 years, her conscience is finally cleared. Whew! How much time must past til she admits to cheating on Grandpa? If I were the high school principal, I wouldn't have praised her for her honesty, I'd have ripped her diploma in half citing that she never earned it and banned her for life from the premises... but that's just me, hehe. Well that's the brief news in brief. Now for some more detailed shit...

Ford decided to pull a Superbowl advertisement depicting a priest lusting over a new Ford Truck. They did this because of opposition about them supposedly exploiting the Priest Sex Scandals. First off, they are not SCANDALS. Secondly, Ford should show some balls and just show the fucking ad. They went through the trouble of paying for it, filming it, and editing the footage. Besides, Priests are everyday mortal citizens as far as I'm concerned who made a promise that they could not keep to an invisible being. Why can't they just get some hookers or go to some gay bars. Leave the kiddies alone until they are old enough to consent (legally 18, right?). Don't worry, Father, they'll still be youthful at 18... nice tender ass cheeks, smooth skin, warm inviting lips and all! Just be patient is all we ask and obey sex with minors laws, OK? Other than that, I could care less what they do. They are mortal human beings with chemical urges in their brains saying "Screw something hard!".. and that's natural and OK. I'm not hatin'.. nothing but love for ya!

Sheik Mohammed Ali Hasan al-Moayad is one of two men accused of sending money to al Qaeda terrorist. So the fuck what? It's not like he strapped a bomb onto someone and sent them to blow up a bus. It's not like he mailed off some anthrax or flew a plane into a building. All that *I* am saying is that funding your cause should be a freedom we all enjoy. Giving money to the Democratic or Republican party, for example, funds more atrocities (some subtle, some not) than any terrorist group could ever conceive. Think about that one, Mr. Righteous hypocrite.

Finally, I will not write about it too much, but in this article, you'll see how a small town government can attempt to kill a legitimate business owner through repeated ordinance passings just because they don't agree with his business. It's appalling each and every time I read about infringed freedoms. Why are their DRY COUNTIES in a country where drinking is legal? Is this not the UNITED STATES? Local ordinances should NEVER override Federal laws. Just read this article and get angry America.. you're rights are disappearing at an alarming rate. Private establishments should be able to do whatever they want. If people disapprove, they can boycott by not going and supporting the business. In theory, Supply and Demand should correct any popularity problems with local businesses if there truly is enough opposition. Same applies to Wal-Mart haters... if your community really dislikes how Wal-Mart has wiped out Tom's Hobby Shop, then by all means, no one has a gun to your head saying buy from Wal-Mart. The people have spoken!

Random thought: If Bill Gates, using his huge bankroll, made an "undecent proposal" to President Bush to completely wipe out the national debt if he'd suck ole Billy's cock in return (and swallow), do you think Dubya would "take one" for the team? I mean, that would be the most patriotic thing ever and prove to me, personally, that he really does LOVE AMERICA!

OK fellaz... My friend CJ comes to town this week from Boston to enjoy some vacation during the Mardi Gras celebration. I've got the guest room all ready with his M&M's in a bowl without any of the GREEN ones, just as he requested. Should be a fun weekend, either way. I've had a pretty good January and early February so far.. I just hope that I'm earning good karma. I had some nastier articles I was going to write, but didn't want to fuck up my karma, because you never know..In the unfathomable philosophical explanation of our universe and existence, there just MAY be Karma, so I don't want to risk it. Some friends of mine went out last night, but I had work so I went to bed early, but was awakened by a 4AM phone call from my girl. Drunken phone calls are the best, aren't they? Thanks to the new Cell Phone generation, drunken phone calls can come from anywhere. And thanks to stored numbers, drunken misdials are now a thing of the past. It's a more precise and error free nuisance. Not that *I* mind... I am pretty laid back on things like that and welcome it occasionally. Besides, I was "rewarded" with some 5:30AM sex for my troubles of waking up so early. Is that good Karma being instantly paid back? I'd like to believe so! OK, so I'm getting personal on this site now.. big whoopty freaking do. My padre Brian is talking about jerking off to C-SPAN, not that there's anything wrong with that as I constantly make the "jerk jerk" motion when watching government officials talk about "policy", I've just neglected to place a dick in my hand while doing it. Maybe it's because the lack of foreskin has curbed my masturbation habit.. score ONE for society! (hehe.. just kidding, Brian!) Moving on to less vulgar topics... I have to admit, I'm on a caffeine high right now from a CC's Coffee Shop's Mochassippi Chocolate (YUM!)... and now for a Mardi Gras pic:

Coochie shot! Yes, sometimes beads are just THAT good where bare breast are not enough. Either that, or this woman had a coochie that was better than her chest. Either way, here it is.. enjoy!

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