February 4, 2005

"You're nothing but a 'Ted Kennedy'"

It's been said many times many ways since Rodney Dangerfield first said it, but it remains true: "I get no respect".

I was talking to my mom the other day and she was asking me about when I was going to move home. This is a rather complicated issue. You see when I went home for Christmas this year, nearly every conversation involved some variation of 'Christmas is under attack.' Boy I heard some of the finest urban legends available on the subject only in a rural setting. (My hometown's sign boasts 1,933 souls). I heard that they were suing radio stations that played carols with a religious themes, I heard that had Kerry won we wouldn't have had a Christmas, I heard that it took great bravery to go to church on Christmas, not because of terrorists, but because of Dan Brown and his satanic shitty novel. So I have some hesitation on trading Louisiana bat shit crazy, which my most accounts is 'charming,' for the Wisconsin variety, which is mainly just 'cold.'

In the course of this conversation I mention that my job made a fairly large deposit to my 401(k) to prorate it for the entire year. So I made that joke that I can't just leave behind a good retirement plan as Bush is going to totally ruin Social Security. My mom says to me "you're nothing but a Ted Kennedy." Now if my mom were a professional pundit, she'd follow the protocol of calling me 'misguided' first, then a 'bleeding-heart', then proceed to 'Ted Kennedy.' It's sort of like the flag pole scene in 'A Christmas Story.' I guess I'm grateful she stopped short of Hillary Clinton. It's kinda funny and I mentioned it throughout the week. I also had a sneaky suspicion where all of this weirdness was coming from, but then again I don't remember seeing any actual evidence while I was home.

So, I was at lunch with Reese and CJ yesterday. CJ likes the form, but not perhaps the content. Let me take this moment to apologize for talking about masturbating to C-SPAN and for alluding to 1950's beefcake photography and for mentioning that I have a foreskin.

On the same tip, let me take this time to mention what a fine couple of posts Reese has had this week. I was working on putting the little Amazon list on the side column with all of Reese's State of the Union songs when I realized how much he puts in. I also noticed for the first time that he puts surveys in his posts, but with no way to get feedback. So I'm going to spend some time today getting surveys up and running for the site.

Incidentally, last night I get home from all of this reflection to find in my mail fund raising letter. Guess who? Yeah, Ted Kennedy.

Posted by Spicolli' at February 4, 2005 10:04 AM