February 5, 2005

Second Level of Counterstrike, Fourth Level of Hell

So I'm in an internet café across Vets from my apartment. I'm trying to avoid going to work during the Mardi Gras weekend, since the buses are running a heavily restricted service. This is an odd place. Back home the closest internet café was in Sister Bay. It was a well lit storefront in a trendy part of town. They sold Ikea type tchotchke and was frequented by yuppies from Chicago. This one I'm in on the other hand is a very dark semi-circle populated by very young boys playing first person shooter games from those super powered gaming computers with the neon CPU decorations. The right click function is disabled. I have a funny feeling why. On the whole this place is probably Michael Jackson's wet dream.

Anyway I just came to change over the selection from Amazon to a list of fine Mardi Gras music. I may be cynical about some of the rotten things about this town but they know music and food and Mardi Gras is a great party.

I think the next time I come here I better have a plan as to what to write as the gaming noise is very distracting.

Posted by Spicolli' at February 5, 2005 6:01 PM