February 9, 2005

My court date & other crap!

OK citizens of this USA.... let's start off with:

*** Today's CNN QUICKVOTE ***
Does wearing pants so low that underwear shows merit a fine?

Yes - As a society we should now dictate fashion sense in some form of a law... also wearing black after April 1st should result in no less than 6 months in jail. I find it hard to avert my eyes from offensive attire, so I'd rather let the government correct this most horrendous problem that plagues us all!!!

No - Fuck no, I don't see why we can't just go around nude. It's society that makes us ashamed of wearing our birthday suit. We weren't born with clothes and in fact are the only animals on the planet to display such shame in our own skin. Kinda sad really how we're now taking steps backwards toward making laws that prevent something that isn't even a crime under the current standards.

Undecided - Decide for yourself reading this article. If it doesn't bother you in some way, then this whole website is surely not your cup of tea.

What is really sad is that this bill was passed by the Virginia House by a damn big margin. Anyone who'd vote for such a ridiculous bill should never get a vote again if the American public had any sense left in their brainwashed heads. "lewd or indecent manner" is the crime, and that itself is a very questionably opinionated rule, as what offends is a pretty relative thing. Delegate Algie T. Howell headed the bill and could only offer the logic that having the underwear showing was "offensive". What the fuck kind of logic is that? Farting is offensive to more people than that.. should I be fined for letting one rip in public? Now one moron in the Virginian congress is bad enough, but when the majority follows this atrocity to completion, it only proves more so how American is becoming less and less "the land of the free". The bill now goes to the Virginia Senate.. how lame could this possibly get? We'll see.

Also in the news.. someone got scalped and lived... yawn! Some teacher fucked a 13 year old student.. double yawn! This isn't news.. this is moron America and sadly, I'm getting pretty damn used to it. I was kinda sheltered as a kid growing up, but I've come a long way and nothing really shocks me anymore.

Oh yeah, my court date (Case Number 04-058) is set for Wednesday, March 9th, 2005 at 11AM at the 5th Justice of the Peace Court of Jefferson Parish at 4421 Conlin Street Suite 102, Metairie, La. Mark it on your calendars and swing by to cheer me on as I shall pull down my pants and have the defendant suck the sweet nectar of justice, oh yeah! In short, I was engaged over a year ago and was to marry on February 28th, 2004. (Twas not meant to be and let's just say that I avoided a big mistake of a bride-to-be in my life.) Anyway, during the first week of January 2004 I cancelled the wedding and then the limo service which was paid in full. I was given no refund and only the finger from the place called A-Regal Limousine Service. By all means, I very much recommend that if you have limo needs in the New Orleans area, use A-Regal Limousine, as they can probably afford extra-nice pimped-out rides from ripping consumers off and shit. Being that I've never set foot inside of any of their limos nor was driven anywhere, I decided to pursue small claims action because losing over 600 dollars is not too cool. I do not NEED the money, but this is all about principles. I tried sending them a certified letter and the better business bureau, but to no avail. This was the next logical step. Now, I do not intend on getting the whole amount back, but I should get the amount minus the deposit legally. Their policy says that I'd lose the deposit but that full payment was not due until two weeks prior to limo service. I cancelled 2 months prior. Under Louisiana Law, Civil Code article 2299, "A PERSON WHO HAS RECEIVED A PAYMENT OR THING NOT OWED TO HIM IS BOUND TO RESTORE IT TO THE PRESON FROM WHO HE RECEIVED IT." The money beyond the deposit amount was not owed to them at the time of cancellation, so I should win based on this fact alone... because no matter what other policies they may have had, they can't conflict with Louisiana Law. There's also an "Enrichment without cause" article which is basically against someone trying to gain wealth without supplying any service or goods. For once, the law may just work in a citizens favor.. isn't that nice?

Posted by Reese at February 9, 2005 10:38 AM