February 10, 2005

Worst President Ever

I laughed out loud reading this: Dubya Quotes Comic

Although the above is laughable, the truth puts me in shock and awe. I'm an angst-laden American. The article my padre has written below is just plain scary shit. Each day I grow tired of reading CNN and actually, with a naively optimistic nature, hope for a page full of good news someday. I can hear the *beep* *beep* getting louder and louder as the United States seems to be going backwards. Maybe our forefathers, who had better sense as to what a government should be, could rise from the dead and save us in a Jesusesque style. We need real Americans, who knew what life was like when a King and monarchy ruled with unfair and unjust iron fists. I have great hope in that the possibility of the current situation and regime will open the eyes of generations to come and maybe real change will lead us back into the right direction. Sometimes it takes the bad to realize the good. A fall must take place before a rise. I suppose it will take another 4 years to fully realize the error of society's ways, but then again, I'm losing faith fast in our own citizens daily. We are truly a weak nation. A majority of Americans are not very bright and not very wise. Most people in this country are easily persuaded by the big machine of propaganda and lies. We are all being played like a fiddle, and the minority that realizes this and speaks out seems to always get drowned out by the crowd of blind followers.

Bush asks congress for a total of $950 million in tsunami aid
I hate to be rude, but when did this crap become our problem... why are my tax dollars being wasted? What about our domestic problems?

California proposes ban on pet cloning
Yet another ridiculous waste of government time. The USA empire will fall someday, and it's nobody's fault but our own. We so need separation of church, state, and even morality. It's all relative and the government should always be unbiased... but we all know that it's just a pipe dream, isn't it?

Posted by Reese at February 10, 2005 9:31 AM