February 11, 2005

Gay, It's Not Just for Animated Animals Any More

There's zoo in Germany that has recently imported female Humboldt penguins from a zoo in Sweden to try to break up the gay relationships that have formed in the penguin enclosure. This experiment has been declared a failure. The reason the zookeepers are so concerned is not simple prudery as might be expected had the zoo been in, say Salt Lake City. No. Humboldt penguins are endangered and so to help preserve the species. This idea is used as an argument by fundamentalists who find that when they go out in public chapter and verse is not considered evidence. Indeed, I'm waiting to hear this story on the 700 Club. The penguins are going to go extinct and it's not going be because of environmental change (which they don't believe in) but because of gayness (which they see everywhere).

I've been thinking a lot about breeding, demographics and the survival of the fittest. This Saturday would have been Darwin's 196th birthday. All over the world of punditry I hear perhaps unintentional tribute. This morning on NPR a former Clinton talked about the demographic shifts that would make Democrats extinct if they don't support changing the Social Security system. The money line: "White people expect their benefits to be paid by their domestic workers." Ah yes, the Hispanics are out breeding the whites and what is more depressing is that their kids will also work cleaning houses, picking fruit and standing in the doorway to my office with a cup of coffee holding forth about gays. Meanwhile over at Policy Review Stanley Kurtz sees tinkering with Social Security as a perfect way to get everyone breeding furiously. His basic premise is that the Muslims are out breeding everyone. We need to create an incentive to make more Christians westerners. He sees abolishing Social Security as we know it as a means of doing this. When Americans see that having a large family is the only way to insure that they will be supported in their old age. I know, supply-side, social Darwinist theories don't get much nuttier.

My question is, what makes these guys think they're good zookeepers?

Posted by Spicolli' at February 11, 2005 9:39 AM