February 14, 2005

What is Love? Baby don't hurt me!

Love.. an English word representing an emotion which is complicated and simple at the same time. Various levels and types of love can make it one hell of a thing to define. Now, I'm no love expert, but I do try my best to understand it's meanings by analyzing myself to the point where it all makes sense (somewhat). Knowing thy self can only make knowing others that much easier, as we are all human, right? Is love just an illusion? Is love a result of Mother Nature's genius invention to perpetuate the species by means of chemicals in our brain? The debate on whether love is derived from our brain's hardware, software or even our intangible soul (if you believe in that sort of thing) is an endless one. Even with all of this knowledge and unanswered questions, people do not necessarily question the origins of the feelings that accompany love, but choose to believe that it is something special and magical. Is this blind conclusion also a result of nature keeping us from caring about the truth at all? Either way, ignorance is truly bliss and I for one would rather fall into the euphoric pleasures of love and forget about the philosophical whys of it all... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

How about some good ole February 14th problems? Why all the hating today? Spread the love!!!

Mall gunman found to be fascinated with Columbine
Now the nation media may never admit to this, but their efforts in glorifying the whole Columbine thing most likely was responsible for the mall shooting.

Former Student Loving Teacher, Letourneau to wed former pupil
Ahhh..... can you feel the love tonight? Last night, I was engaged in a discussion (with my girlfriend) about the storied possibilities of discovering your soul mate only to find that they are 20 or more years younger (or older) than you are. Then, believing in reincarnation and past lives and such, you killed yourself so that you can come back and be closer in age gap to your soul mate, but you'd have to find them all over again without knowledge of your prior lives. OK, maybe that's a little extreme, but this story is either a real-life example of that or a story about a crazy mid-life crisis plagued teacher and a horny low-self esteem laden boy/man with a MILF fetish. You make the call!

Jobs growth to remain sluggish, experts say.
Festive pink slips... the most romantic way to tell someone that it just isn't working out anymore. The company has grown, but you haven't... sorry pal. No hard feelings? Can we just be friends? After all, the clause in the restraining order allows for you to come within 50 feet on the Third Friday of Each Month Between 5:00 and 5:15AM. Yeah... I love you too.

Who better to represent what love is all about, than Pepe Le Peu... or is he?!? Have you ever heard that song by Weird Al Yankovic - Melanie? Obsession... why is it that some can't tell it from love? Does Bush love war and oil or is it merely an obsession? Hmmmm.

So you can't find that perfect Valentine's Day card that expresses exactly what you feel in words... well, I just may have a couple that say it all:

1) Baby, Quiznos is just so much better with you there. Mmmmm toasty!
2) If you weren't out of town, I swear that I'd be loving on you instead.
3) While hitting that ass last night, I noticed that it was heart-shaped and that reminded me that I love you.
4) I'd never hit you honey, but you know how slippery those stairs can get. So where's my dinner, bitch?!
5) I love Unicorns. I love Ulysses S Grant. I love Unisex bathrooms. I love Universal remotes. I love Ukuleles. I love Euphemisms. But most of all, I love "U".
6) I love you almost as much as I love myself.

P.S. On Spicolli's post down below... man.. talk about a tear jerker. Where do I send the money order to? To hell with those Tsunami victims, you need some relief funds my friend. Maybe, if you're lucky, a big wave from Lake Pontchartrain will wipe out your living quarters and possessions, and the world would come to your rescue. Tell you what, tonight I'll pray for a natural disaster, because I care!

Posted by Reese at February 14, 2005 1:49 PM