February 15, 2005

Into the flood again... same old trip it was back then.

It's February 15th and I've just realized that I have some Dilbert comics to catch up on since Saturday. I Hope that yours was a good Monday and such. Actually, I may not really care, but wasn't that heart-felt sounding? However, if you do want to believe that I do care, then that's all that matters, right? Because that's what people do, they deceive others all of the time. "How are you?" "Have a nice day!" "Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart!" "I'll go check with my manager and see if I can get you this car for that price you've asked for... be right back (wink wink)!" From cashiers to salesman to form letters... is there really anything personal about business relations anymore? Even ole Rumsfeld was not singing any of the letters to the families of dead soldiers. No signature... no personal sympathies.. and no parting gifts (That's right, kids, you donít even get a lousy copy of our home game!). Does false sincerity really comfort anyone? Just another thought.. another problem with America. Because besides the really big ones, it's the small issues that add up to bigger problems.

Daughter of conservative Republican Alan Keyes called herself a liberal queer.
A reminder of another TRULY AMERICAN tradition... close mindedness. Certain European countries are by far more open minded than we are. Why so? Aren't we supposed to be the most free.. the best.. number one in the world? Losing our grip are we? I suppose so. I'll try to wave my red, white, and blue, but it's getting so hard. I'm just not into it like I wish I could be. Maybe someday.. maybe someday I'll be a proud American. I'd like to be, but old Uncle Sam lets me down so much. And Uncle Sam is not only the government, but everyone and everything that puts the government in place. In short, most of my fellow Americans just plain let me down.

Missle Defense System Test Fails (Wasting away millions of dollars)
85 Million for each test eh? Hmmm. It was from the movie "Dave" but it's so true, if a business was ran like the government is run, they would have gone bankrupt and belly-up a long time ago. Now I'm all about defense systems, for I believe that it's the government's job to protects us from others (not from ourselves), but it's hard to believe that our current technological state would allow for such massively costly failures, especially when failure is not an option if we were to rely on such a protective system. It's just plain scary, that's all.

Bible classes taught in public school in Virginia
In what is the most appalling story of the day, for me that is, the title says it all. Why the hell would we be teaching bible class to public schools students? The only reason I can see is if it were taught in a merely historic manner and not a religious one. But, that is not the case here.. this is an a attempt to force feed morality to the kids, which is the parents job. Morality is and always shall be relative, and not something the government should have any part in as far as defining their own version for public schools students to learn. Christians don't have a monopoly on morality," says Renee Staton, a Virginian native whose husband is Jewish. "I asked them whether Jesus was a Christian and they said 'yes.' When I said, 'Jesus was a Jew,' one girl said, 'But Jesus was a good person,"' Ridell said. That's right parents, don't just let the public school system brainwash your kids, but allow them to falsely educate them as well. I don't think anymore needs to be said on this subject.. it practically stinks to high hell all on it's own.

London mayor not sorry for Nazi jibe
This man gets mad respect from me. I don't even care about his comments or how un-PC they may have been, although I did find them pretty cool: When the reporter replied that he was Jewish, Livingstone said "Actually you are just like a concentration camp guard. You're just doing it because you're paid to, aren't you?". The fact that he refuses to back down and is completely defiant on apologizing by continuing to stand by his own words is quite respectable in my book.

Study: Flu shots may not save senior citizens' lives
You hear that grandma? You're gonna die! Hehe, just kidding you old coot! Oh, and while filling out your will, don't forget about your favorite grandson, OK? :-)

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