February 15, 2005

Sodomize my mind and rape my soul!

The above title means nothing, I just thought it sounded cool. Actually, I'm in a fairly good mood today, but that doesn't mean that things are peachy keen. So bush (notice the lower case "B" as a blatant sign of disrespect) nominated John Negroponte, our former ambassador to Iraq, for the new post called Director of National Intelligence. Why can't we get some REAL intelligent nominees like Stephen Hawking? I sometimes ponder why the cream of the crop of brainpower rarely get to be the ones actually running our government? Maybe politics are beneath them. Maybe it's like a brain surgeon taking out his own trash to the dump, a self-belittling activity.

Speaking of trash.. not to get off of the subject, but recently in the local St. Bernard Parish Newspaper (a not-so Pulitzer prize-winning piece of literary work), there was an article that caught my eye. Now, I rarely read this local paper, but it's thrown at my house a couple of times a week, and I have to at least pick it up to get it to it's destined location of the garbage container in front of my residence. Now, during a routine run between the lawn and the container, I glanced at an article that made me pause. Before I continue with the article's contents, here's a little history lesson first...back in the day (circa 1994), I was attending Andrew Jackson Fundamental Magnet High School and working afternoons at my first job ever...Burger King. I worked there in the heart of Chalmette with my best friend CJ and a mutual friend James Pilet. It's a funny thing when you're 17 years old and making minimum wage that you could care less because you're just happy to have a job. Anyway, there was a certain individual that worked with us named Scott Fox. He was the constant butt of our jokes as I just couldn't help myself as my jovial nature was prevalent as long as I can remember. Hell, I even wrote a song parody and a couple of short stories about him to amuse myself and others. Yes, this man was even accused at one point for talking to trash cans while working alone at night, since he was the night porter. This activity and his "Oscar the grouch" look about him gave birth to his nickname, Trash Daddy. I've seen him around a few times here and there in Chalmette since then and of course he remembered me and CJ very well as we must have stood out among the others he's worked with. Scott Fox had a dream to be a broadcaster and work in radio and even have his own low power FM station. He also liked comedy... prudish as it may have been, he had his own brand of funny (although personally, I found him funnier to laugh AT than WITH). Recently he asked me to write a 7 minute routine to participate in his local Comedy Show that was to be put on for the Shriner's Club I believe. I said "sure" and wrote some jokes and was willing to give it a go, even though I've never done stand-up. All of this seems to be a mute point now that according to the article I read, Scott Fox was arrested and charged with one count of child pornography. Sounds serious? It's really not. Maybe I'm a tad liberal, but anytime someone gets arrested for having a mere picture it's just not right. Pictures are completely harmless and are not evidence of anything. They are just images. Can an image actually BE a crime? If often I like watching violence in films or what not, does that make me a violent man? I could care less if someone has pictures of a preschool gang-bang (from overseas of course) the fact is, they are just pictures. What if this was a picture from Ancient Greece, would it then be considered historic media? If someone is caught actually to have been doing stuff with little boys, it's a different story as I do believe that they are not mature enough to consent to such activities. A picture is one thing, actual activity is a whole other ballpark. So is purchasing the picture aiding the criminal acts? No more than paying taxes is aiding the killing of innocent Iraqis or buying a gun making you a killer. So at what age is someone mature? That's debatable, as maturity is a very relative thing, but in our current society 18 is the key number. As sick as you may think it is and as morally disgusting as most would say it is, the fact is, they are just pictures and not evidence of any crimes. Scott Fox allegedly had been caught with pictures of teenage girls. I'm not sure if they were online or not, but they were not one's that he had taken personally. It all started out as an alleged kidnapping and when cops arrived at his residence, they found him taking pictures of a 22 year old girl with her stomach showing. Apparently, they claim in the article is that Scott admitted to having a fetish for stomach and ribs. No biggie, still no crime committed. Seems like two legal adults engaging in whatever and a few harmless images that resemble some naked teenage girls. An article like this can surely ruin a man almost to the point that seems slanderous. But, the media was just doing it's job. And Scott was just the unfortunate victim of the system. This also brings up another debate. What is pornography? Is it a picture of a naked woman? Naked little boys? Naked baby feeding off of it's mother's beast? What is deemed pornographic is almost undefined as it could be deemed art as well. Who is it that decides these things? What exactly is VULGAR? What is indecent exactly? Do we make laws reflecting biblical morality and decide what a person can or can not lay their eyes upon? Is it also a crime to view images in my head of criminal depictions? What if I animate them through drawings and art, is that a crime as well? How can we ever make laws against things that are impossible to define because perspectives vary from person to person? Just another dilemma in a sea or problems that need fixing I say.

Posted by Reese at February 15, 2005 10:31 AM