February 16, 2005

And if I'm asleep... make sure my blanket covers me!

It's mid-week and I feel fine. Listening to some of that kick-ass Green Day's "American Idiot" CD. Yesterday, I was jamming out to the smooth tunes of Soundgarden's "BadMotorFinger". Tomorrow, maybe some Alice In Chains's "Facelift". Of course, I'd rather pull up the MP3 collection and jam out to thousands of tunes randomly, but my collection is limited here at the office. Just enough to get me through the day. Speaking of music, my dad has helped me with my house in the recent past, so I thought I'd do something nice and purchased an autographed framed album through EBAY of his favorite band from the 70's, Emerson Lake & Palmer. And as a reward for being a good and thoughtful son, I got a call from him yesterday because my brother apparently did some work on his computer and now it has spy-ware and possible virus issues. I work doing computer programming and networking and such. My brother does network administration and other things I suppose, but my dad seems to trust me more with PC repair. Trust is an interesting thing. Like most things in life, Trust is a sliding scale with many levels. Trust can be determined in a number of ways: Logical Reasoning - Based upon what you believe their motives could be based on what the trust issue is. Instinct - Based on reading body language and demeanor. Track Record - Based upon an individual's past and what you know about them. All of them and more are good ways that people generally try to gauge trust. Relationships with high levels of trust are usually healthier with better open communication, respect, honesty, and more. Sometimes trust is issue based, as in this case, my father trusts me to perform repair on his PC more than he does for my brother. There are other things that he may trust my brother with more, but I'm drawing blanks at the moment... I suppose that's only something he could answer. Either way, in any relationship in life, trust is vital. And if the levels are mutually high, it's even better. And relationships include those with family, friends, lovers, the public, government personnel, the media, and practically anyone who may affect your life even in the slightest way. How about the news?

Woman, 79, charged with attacking police with cane
I don't care how old you are, a crime is a crime, and inflicting bodily harm upon fellow humans such as an officer of the law should be dealt with. Grandma was obviously a threat to society and should be locked up and the key thrown away. Senior citizen crime waves have been sparking up in cities across America thanks to lack of activities and overcrowded nursing homes where gang wars run rampant. All of the signs are right there... they're cranky, needy, and on a multitude of drugs. It's a serious issue and I for one am going to speak out on this since it is being largely ignored by the media!

Now, this is a masterpiece that was ahead of it's time. Created in 1903, this Cassius Marcellus Coolidge painting sold for 590,000 dollars recently. I think I'll just get the $15 poster and hang it in my den. Either way, this is cool and ranks up there with other cool vintage pieces, like this one that I like featuring the three stooges, James Dean, and some Rat Pack members playing pool (or some combination like that).

Posted by Reese at February 16, 2005 10:15 AM