February 18, 2005

American Flags & Handicapped Plates

So what do the most patriotic of Americans and Handicapped people have in common? They both drive slow. This is not a documented fact nor a complete generalization, just an observation and opinion that I have about the majority of them. I've noticed a pattern that a handicapped plate (or sticker) usually means that the person is a bad driver and drives quite slow. Could it be that they are old? Do really old people have such slow reflexes that they are unable to operate a motor vehicle at higher speeds (and I mean 45 MPH even!). If *I* were as old as you people, I'd be moving a lot faster, because that's the reaper in your rear-view mirror. If they are not old, then what ails them? Not sure what they are afraid of, they are already fucked up and so there is less risk of fucking up more shit than a normal, healthy driver could have by going faster. I'm not even sure about some of you people. You are like the homeless to me. Some of them just gave up on life and some were actual victims of misfortune. Some handicapped people are just plain overweight slobs who gave up on taking care of themselves... so, by being fat, lazy, and stupid, does that mean they deserve a government handout and the best parking spots in town? And then there are the flag touting true Americans. So patriotic, they drive 25 miles below the speed limit as to not tatter their flag (or flags). These people probably think that they are really doing the country some good by advertising their American pride. All that you did was purchase some colored plastic sheets on a plastic stick made in TAIWAN. Yeah, that's so American, isn't it? If there were 8 lanes of highway, you assholes (and others) would find a way to form vertical convoy of the velocity challenged and really fuck things up. So please, for future reference, may I ask that you just drive, assholes, and stop impeding the flow of traffic?

Guess what, people? That's right...Britney Spears is "angry" about published honeymoon photos. Now, I normally don't like to talk about so called "celebrities", because I don't like to glorify someone who's nothing special in society. But, since the media and entertainment industry put her in the spotlight, I'll use her as an example. As far as the pictures go, it's a free country bitch, get over it. And if you believe people when they say that the pictures are just for a private "scrap book", than we should just go ahead and add "gullible" to your list of quality personality traits. I didn't lose respect for her when I saw how her "talent to income/fame" ratio was so shamefully skewed, nor when she got married twice in one year (I'm not the moral police), nor the fact that she does a great job representing the sluts of Louisiana in remarkably accurate fashion (I'm ashamed to be from the same state as her)... it was her quote that I saw on CNN & Fahrenheit 9/11 when she said "I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that." Man, that logic just blew my mind. I had to sleep on that one just to absorb it's sheer magnitude of glory. The bigger problem isn't her or one individual's flawed logic, it's how many citizens actually agree with that statement. She is a good example of how too many people actually think.. people who cast votes that determine the country's fate by shaping our future through chosen political leaders. My grandmother said that she voted for Bush because (and I quote) "I ain't voting for no baby killer!". Among all of the issues, that was the only one that mattered to her. I used to think it was crazy for a presidential candidate to tout issues the way they do. Some so insignificant to everything, but there was a reason. They were not campaigning to me.. they were campaigning to the entire populous. Idiot Americans and all. And when you do that, you have to touch on a broad range of issues that a broad range of Americans, "little minds" and "big minds" alike, will find meaningful. Sometimes it's just one issue that makes or breaks a vote... or even an election.

So what else is going on? People are dying with bombs and gun attacks as usual. --- Someone won the lotto by finding a winning ticket in the trash (100K). --- Someone tossed a shoe at a pentagon speaker. Nice going! I suppose shoe's are now a national security risk and will be banned from airports and government buildings. When I throw shoes, it doesn't make the national news.. maybe I'm not throwing them at the right people. --- The global warming will make for a nice long 365 day summertime, which I am looking forward to. Oh well.. I'm glad I'll be long dead before they fuck up the world really hardcore. People are destroying the planet... and individually we're kinda screwed as only the governments of the world can really do anything about it. Oh well.. hopefully my great grandkids won't blame me for this shit. I live among two oil refineries. One in particular is a MOBIL REFINERY. It spews noxious gases that I breathe in practically daily, comprised of chemicals that I don't care to really know about. And recently a letter was sent to my house informing me that they routinely disregard EPA STANDARDS and have been fucking up pretty badly. Typical Chalmette.. typical Louisiana.. and typical AMERICA. Bring on the hybrids with variable-gear transmissions. Let's ween off the teet of the oil industry. That would solve so many problems. And we wouldn't feel the need to barge in and occupy certain oil-harboring nations across the globe either. --- Also, Inflation is rising again... finally catching up with gas prices I think. --- Oh, but cheer up.. it's Friday!!!!!!

Posted by Reese at February 18, 2005 8:52 AM