February 23, 2005

Whoa, There Little Buddha

Last night I did something kind foolish. I started doing sit-ups for the first time in about a year. Boy the old bread basket didn't like that too much. I'm sitting here hunched over nearly 24 hours later. Oh well. The ol' basketball has to learn that it's not wanted anymore.

I'm kinda hoping Reese will write something since this is admittedly quite lame.

There are two recurring coincidences in my life here in New Orleans. One is that people will say to me that I look like James Spader. This happened to me during the morning break. The other is that frequently the people I encounter are from Wisconsin, not only Wisconsin, but my part of Wisconsin. The guy sitting next to me in this class is from the Fox Valley and his mom lives in Denmark, which is about 18 miles away from my parents. I'd wish for more exciting coincidences like sleeping with different college students in the same dorm room in different years, but I best not to tempt the fates.

I've been 3 weeks into Lent now and have not had any alcohol. Also, to help me sleep after the sit-ups last night I did some chi kung exercises. You might be searching for words like "We're growing a strange crop of agnostics this year," but things like Lent and chi kung make me feel good. It's not as if I think that drinking a beer during a certain part of spring will send me to eternal damnation or that I believe in an invisible life force that I can improve by breathing a certain way. It's just a little routine to calm me down and appreciate good times more. It's a time to sit, to reflect on how much more deprived I could be and to get out the Chapter 7 papers and whisper to myself "remember thou art a loser." Then again maybe I don't need Lent for that.

Posted by Spicolli' at February 23, 2005 1:52 PM