February 28, 2005

"...I'd like to fly, but my wings have been so denied..."

I walked into Wal-Mart this past weekend with my barefoot girlfriend. All of a sudden, a service guy stopped us and said, "Sorry guys, no shoes, no service!" So I promptly responded, "But sir, then how are we supposed to buy shoes?!"

March approacheth, and what lie ahead? Jury Duty on the 7th. Small Claims Court on the 9th. A wedding on the 19th. And 3 paydays fall into the confines of this month! Not too shabby. I'm sure that other events will pop up along the way, but I'm not worried. I did realize that there are some things I'd like to do so that I can capture moments or times when a joke or something worth remembering pops into my head. I need a digital camera and a digital voice recorder. Hopefully, I'll break down and buy them soon enough. I'm not materialistic and rarely splurge purchases upon myself, although I probably deserve it. My weekend wasn't too boring nor exciting. Entertaining-wise, we'll just call it a draw. So what's new in this world of ours?

Iraqi suicide bomber kills at leat 125! Seems like they are getting more effecient at it. I know that I joke about how this story seems to recycle itself each week, but that's the world we live in. This is the America we've voted for. I suppose we are not only responsible for American soldier deaths, but countless innocent Iraqi's who won't at least be alive to see this new "liberated" Iraq. I remember when Bush got into office and we all received a nice bonus surplus check from Uncle Sam... Mr. Government himself giving us a refund to spend on whatever. Now, we're trillions in debt. Our social securities are dangerously worthless. And Bush is asking congress for more money so he can play war for a little while longer. Couldn't we have just bought him a map, a liter of oil, and some G.I. Joes and let him have fun playing in the Lincoln bedroom? When does the madness end? In about 4 years you say? What will you do next, America? I'm not willing to bet on the integrity and intelligence of the American vote, so I'll not hold my breath on it.

Let's end February on a happy note... I was born, raised, and still paint red the town known better as The Crescent City. New Orleans, Louisiana. Among being unique and known for many things, good and bad, let's focus on a good part (which may actually be relatively viewed as bad to the prudish amongst us)... here's an article about the only Cocktail Museam in the Nation... and of course, it will have a bar as well: The Museam of The American Cocktail. Read up my lushious ones!

Posted by Reese at February 28, 2005 8:26 AM