March 1, 2005

"...Into the great wide open..."

A certain friend of mine thought it would be ideal to post about Mr. Lee Mingwei, the World's First Pregnant Man.. Also check here for more detailed information. With visions of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Junior" from just a little over 10 years ago, life finally imitates art...well, sort-of. Being given a placenta and an embryo, Mr. Lee will set forth on a 9 month ride in which most males are all too happy to boast about never having to experience. So what has this new Barnum & Bailey walking freakshow done for modern medicine or society? On the positive side, now a man with dollar signs in his eyes can become a full-time surrogate mother (er...father) and let the cash roll in. On the negative side, jokes about when a man with a rather large beer belly gut will be due will have now lost it's comedic luster. Either way I wonder... who would really want to do this? Would the most feminine gay, transgendered, or transexual be interested in partaking in what was to be the last thing surgery could not give a man that a woman had? Are we headed towared a society of asexual beings? Ok.. I'm done, now to please my friend futher, a picture of the pregnant man we call, Mr. Lee! Of course, this is just a web hoax, but oh well!

Mr. Lee is not pregnant nor is any man on the planet. The only thing a guy can breed is bacteria, parasites, viruses, and good lies!

Posted by Reese at March 1, 2005 1:14 AM