March 1, 2005

"...who'll stop the rain?.."

I feel disconnected. I read about policy and government programs and wonder if I have anything in common with the agenda of the administration. The direction that America can't possibly be the direction that the general public wants it to go, is it? So, I just feel disconnected from America today. I am to the American Government as a coma patient is to consciousness. I'm almost scared that some anit-american (or terrorist-like organization) will do drastic things that affect me or my life because they believe that the whole of the United States is behind the entire operation. I'd like to believe that a damn high percentage of Americans feel the same way that I do.. disconnected. As if this Government represents me.. it's almost like they are running their own show, independent of what the concensus is. Their own agenda, not exactly reflected in the public eye.

On CNN they got something about Bush's Faith Based Initiatives. Man, does that get my blood boiling. When will the religion and government marriage ever end? How do they even get away with this shit? I don't want to talk about it, because it's just plain wrong and depressing. Showing favoritism toward religious groups is the LAST thing our free and unbiased government should do.

Ok, I had enough about this little missing Florida girl coverage that I can stand. Why oh why does this one little girl get so much media coverage and attention? There are tons of missing people and children in the U.S., so why does this one girl get all of the hype and effort? Now, the FBI, local authority, and 20 CHILD ABDUCTION EXPERTS are on the fucking case? If my little girl goes missing through abduction, I doubt seriously that I'd get a lick of attention nationwide. I suppose it's just the luck of the draw, maybe if I'm lucky enough, I'd get CNN and the FBI on top of things and increase my chances of succesfully finding my kin or what not. Maybe somebody knows somebody and now we have a nice story that America can collectively weep over. I'm just saying that ALL of the missing should be equally important and get equal coverage if they really want to do what's right.

Kiddies get license to kill as high court decides that juvenile death penalties are unconstitutional! If you don't know that killing is wrong after being on the planet for at least 15 years, then you're pretty fucked up. It's not like we live in a society where we have to kill people for food, but what if we were? Killing animals for food isn't wrong, what if I just happen to like human hambones? Well, maybe that's what makes us civilized, right? The golden rule is so simple, yet could be the singular most important virtue to live by which makes us civilized. I don't kill other humans, becuase I'd rather not have another human kill me. I also can't imagine that I'd like to peel or cook one... just way too much trouble if you ask me. Of course, I'll eat anything with barbecue sauce.

French Journalist in Iraq pleads for life in new video. I'm sorry, I have trouble feeling sorry for journalist who got swept up as prisoners of war. It's a fucking war and there is a risk of death in many ways. I know what you're thinking... if no one covered the war independently, then we'd have to take the government's word on what's going on, and that's uncool! You're right! But it is still a WAR! I'd never do it personally, and if I had to, I'd like to be accompanied by troops at all times and report in as safe a situtation as I could have. Still, I'd know the risks and I wouldn't expect you to feel sorry for me either.

"Please Help! I've not had a cigarette in days! And psychologically, I've almost forgotten how to be rude!"

Posted by Reese at March 1, 2005 9:23 AM