March 3, 2005

"...pour some sugar on me..."

It appears that the death toll for American troops in Iraq has surpassed 1500! I have a sneaking suspicion that they won't stop until every American is dead or gone. Now, I believe that America could be a lot more free. Sometimes I see our ways as barbaric and illogical, but if some other country tried to "liberate" us and make it all better, hell, I'd probably want to bomb and kill them out of principle alone. It's hard to believe that it's just a few radical groups doing all of the killings. I'd like to think that a consensus of the populace would indicate a relative hatred for the intruding Americans, despite what the media tells you. It's very possible that they can hate Saddam's regime and America at the same time. In all, it's just one hell of a cluster-fuck that's gone awry no matter how much sugar you coat onto it.

Here's a little truth for you. If something persists long enough, no matter how heinous the act, it becomes more and more accepted as the norm. That's how killing soldiers in Iraq doesn't make front page top story on CNN.COM anymore. Instead, some millionaire's solo plane ride around the world does. Not so much is this a reflection on the editing of CNN's website as it is the psyche of the American culture. Just check out the top 10 popular stories on CNN to see how much people REALLY care about certain issues. Not surprisingly, as of 1:35PM, Bubba the Lobster's untimely death, Martha Stewart's face put on a model's body in Newsweek, Leno wanting to tell Michael Jackson jokes, and some Oscar bullshit are all more popular than American Soldiers dying over a worthless cause in Iraq. Even the good ole proud red, white, and blue bleeding Uncle Sam dick-sucking Americans are tired of the war. We just want to have that blissful Utopian existence feeling. Put the negativity of the war, global warming, and BTK killings aside and give us some sugar and spice news to read. Sometimes people WANT the wool over their eyes.. life is just less stressful that way. So... on that note, CNN is more than happy to oblige with a live broadcast of the release of Martha Stewart from Prison. Nuke yourself some popcorn and enjoy!

On a side note, read "Worst President Ever". A nicely compiled BLOG that makes me almost uber-fearful of the next 4 years of my life.

Posted by Reese at March 3, 2005 1:22 PM