March 7, 2005

Bus Stop Pundit

I was at the bus stop this morning. This guy comes around the corner, a redneck. Now I know you think I just assume almost everyone I meet here is a redneck. Not so. This was the genuine article. He told me he had to go find a job. He told me about all of the things that had led up to being laid off at his last job: The large amount of tips he had gotten at that job, how they let him do deliveries for them, how at the end of his employment they owed him "thousands" and how he retaliated by returning their truck with a mixture of gas, diesel, sugar and salt in the tank. Pretty standard stuff for rednecks, nothing shocking, I nodded in sympathy.

He mentioned that he'd like to move to Baltimore. I asked him why. He said he'd heard that they paid more there, but that the cost of living was similar. He complained that prices were going up and blamed it on the rising price of gas which he in turn blamed on the war and the deficit. I thought to myself, "Wow, Spicolli, you really are a condescending elitist to think that this guy was an ignoramus, just because he's a redneck. He not only knows things are fucked up but he knows how their fucked up. Betcha didn't count on that, Little Lord Fuck-pants."

But just as I was about to ask him which Asian central bank was going to blink first or what he thought of the Hezbollah led revolution in Lebanon or the revolt in Bolivia, he informs me that that Clinton has a lot of nerve starting this war. "Clinton?", I ask. He tells me that Clinton had a lot of nerve starting all of this shit considering he's not even president. I didn't know where to begin to refute it and in any event the bus was here.

I doubt that it matters that I didn't even try. Batshit insanity is so rampant at all levels here that all I can do is wait like a voyeur for the next instance.

Posted by Spicolli' at March 7, 2005 9:26 AM