March 7, 2005

Note to self: Buy a digital camera!

OK, so it's 2005 and I don't own a digital camera. What other technologies do I lack? Well, I have NO MP3 player, NO HI-Definition television, NO camcorder, and my home PC is 6-years old running at 450Mhz. My cellphone is black and white LCD with ring tones that play less-than-Atari 2600-quality tunes. My car has NO key-less remote, NO power locks, NO power windows, NO power seats, NO CD-player, and NO cruise control. For a software developer with an interest in science, mechanics, and technology, I sure don't represent, do I? But this is a problem for a whole other day... It was yesterday (where I could have used that Digital Camera) while driving that I noticed a sign at a little local place called:

There's a place down in the New Orleans 9th ward slums called Wagner's Meat. They have a sign out front with the store name on it and underneath is a typical apparatus with re-arrangeable letters so that you can write phrases and such. Now and again, they will put up phrases or wisdom, cultural sayings, bible references, or even advice on raising your kids. This week's phrase was something to the effect of: "Don't let your kids watch violence in movies - and don't buy the products that they support." Now, I'm a firm believer in free speech, but personally, I don't need a fucking meat market giving me parental advice on raising my kids. You just have to question the motives of an establishment who's catchy and thoughtful slogan reads: "YOU CAN'T BEAT WAGNER'S MEAT!" (See picture below, non-believers!) And how hypocritical for them to denounce violence when TV or Movie violence could hardly come close to the images of slaughtered cows, butchered pigs, and decapitated chickens... all products of VIOLENCE which Wagner's Meat so proudly sells. So in conclusion, I suppose I shouldn't shop there (or their CHICKEN BOX locales either!), because they support violence as well. You win Wagner's Meat! I shall never shop there as long as I live, and I'll spread the word that you don't want other shopping there either... that is, unless you've found a non-violent way of getting me that t-bone.

Something about this sign makes me do the "jerk jerk" motion whenever I see it.

Let's not stop there, kids! What about the Animal Rights activist also trying to raise your kids? That's right, claiming that the new Roadkill Gummi Candies from Kraft Foods angers them, because it sends the wrong message to kids that it's OK to harm animals. Well, I don't know about you, but I'd be hard for me to find one little boy who doesn't think that burning ants with a magnifying glass isn't "cool". And tell me this, how many "kids" are on the road driving and killing animals? How many animals have payed the price underneath the tire of a Fisher Price Powerwheel? Lot's of kid are taken to go hunt with their father's as well, why not protest that? I remember eating candy cigarettes when I was a kid, but I haven't smoked one in my entire life! How many people really try to run over animals on purpose (except Cats... kid's by all means, torture and kill CATS!!!)? All that I'm saying is, let the parents do their job (or lack of). Kids are born evil or good. Gay or straight. Society has no influence, it's all genetic. (hehe Just kidding) Seriously, this world has taught me one more thing to add to a list of things that I've been taught: According to society, it seems that there's no RIGHT way to raise a child, ONLY WRONG WAYS!

Posted by Reese at March 7, 2005 4:32 PM