March 11, 2005

"..The Devil Inside..."

Helen Kirk was charged with strangling and killing her son in Massachusetts. She was apparently convinced that he was showing signs of being the Devil. What signs? Did he offer you fruit in the form of a reptile? Was he red with horns and a tail? Was he making bets for you soul that he could beat you in a fiddle playing contest? The Devil... another made up character by the Catholic religion. The Devil could be anywhere, they tell us. So why not put out a handbook on how to identify this demon from the underworld? Guidelines on evidence and signs that would give positive proof that Satan himself was in our presence. I say, if you're going to scare people with all of these fictional charades, why not go all the way and make up fine details on the subjects at hand. (And now for my political pitch...) In conclusion, my fellow Catholics, if *I* were Pope....

Can you spot the bad seed devil child? If you've said the one on the right, give yourself 5 points! She may grow up to cure cancer someday, but she has not been baptised and is therefore heading for a one way trip to hell. Good Job!

Posted by Reese at March 11, 2005 1:47 PM