March 17, 2005

"...only the good die young.."

Jimmy Ray Slaughter ,57, was convicted of murdering his girlfriend and 11-month old daughter in 1991. While not having a last name that helped his case, he proclaimed his innocence but was still sentenced to death. There was a shroud of doubt surrounding the case between his persistent claim of innocence and the 'brain fingerprinting' procedure he had done in an attempt to prove his innocence. Now, I was not there for the trial or evidence at hand, but shit like this is pretty scary. I'm pro-death penalty. I do believe that for whatever the reason, be it stupidity, retardation, chemical imbalances, or alien probe mind control that if a person is a danger to society (and there's no fixing him), then having that person continue to exist on this Earth is a waste of money, waste of oxygen, and just plain risky. With that said, our system for determining death row guests can be as flawed as people themselves. Check out this site on the issue. Seems fairly unbiased and informative. Just scary to think that in this day and age how so much doubt can surround a case and still result in an execution.

Posted by Reese at March 17, 2005 1:39 PM