March 21, 2005

We are all domestic slaves!

It's Monday and the news strewn out over the land is more hype then substance as usual. Reading about the Bobby Fischer article and how he's a U.S. fugitive for what, playing a chess match and "violating economic sanctions" against the former Yugoslavia. Just because the U.S. government puts a sanction upon another country should not mean that the citizens have to comply. Apparently, although other U.S. citizens were involved in this so-called violation, Bobby was the only one indicted. Sounds fishy? Appears to be lacking in logic and sense? Yup, that's America for you. Hypocracy over Corruption multiplied by Stupidity all among Small Minds. It's a sad reality and just additional proof of our false sense of freedom that we're told we have.

Posted by Reese at March 21, 2005 2:30 PM