March 22, 2005

100th Provocative Planet Entry!

You are currently reading the 100th Provocative Planet entry this year. I like Spicolli's take on the latest crap of the Schiavo case, Tom Davis's new world order, and IMAX caving in to the possibility that peace-loving Christians will show up and burn the place down via townies with torches if they dare show absurd and wild theories on evolution and such. Freedom truly is when you have nothing to lose. If IMAX didn't fear lost profits, they would not fear displaying anything. And those who oppose such events should realize their "God" given choices to not view the material at hand. And if you want to preach a different tune, just go ahead and produce your own movie on how you believe that the world was created and where you believe that the neanderthal and dinosaur bones came from. The word "America" is losing all of it's sparkling luster. isn't it? It's become fools gold to the world. I thought that this was the country that other countries wanted to be like, the Elvis of democracy. The place where it didn't matter who you were or what you believed in, you were free to express yourself and your own beliefs without penalty. Was my view of reality obstructed by the star spangled banner and talks of patriotism, freedom, and old glory? I went through phases in life, from what I remember. When I was really young, I couldn't grasp the idea of America versus other places on the earth and what it would be like to live elsewhere. As I got older, I realized how lucky I was to be here in America, even if it was a section called Louisiana... still lucky I suppose. Then I started to notice how the system works, and how everyday people, kids, and even certain intelligent types are taken for rides on the governmental train of propaganda. A web of lies (spin), deceit (statistically and otherwise), and omissions (admitting only half truths and facts). That's how the REAL America operates. And issues that can be so important to some are rarely brought to public light and when they do, sometimes they are largely ignored by those who believe it doesn't apply to them. The problem isn't that people should care, but that these problems need to be corrected and usually aren't. There are so many infringing laws (local and federal) that could be overhauled and just wiped out completely, because they don't belong anymore. Why do we still have sodomy laws in some states? Just take it off the books, there is no need to keep something active. Clean up the trash. Revise the present. Bring true freedom in and make this country everything it had promise to be. Without religious bias or personal greed to fuel the fire, but logic, justice, fairness, and equality. Am I optimistically wishing upon a pipe dream? Probably. Nothing can ever be perfect in this world, but it can be better.. much better. We should not ever have a better past, but shamefully, we appear to. I think that we have less freedom in many areas than we used to, and I'm not even talking about the "Patriot" Act.

Posted by Reese at March 22, 2005 8:28 AM