March 23, 2005

Louisiana Judiciary Red Tape

Well, I just called Judge Mortillaro's office and talked to the same smoking clerk I saw when I visited on the 9th of March. She was smoking up a storm and the place wreaked of ashtray aroma. I thought that publicly funded offices and such had to be smoke-free, but what do *I* know. Anyway, as I said in previous posts, I never saw, spoke to, or even got to shake the judge's hand, because since the defendant didn't bother to show up, I never got my opportunity to plead my case or evidence to the judge and try to prove that the so-called contract was violating Louisiana civil code. So where's my fucking default judgement anyway? I did my part and then some, and still got the finger! I can only speculate on why it's so hard to find some justice around here.

Dear Steve:
Thanks for the gallant effort!. I'm sure that you really do serve the public interest with dignity and honor when you feel like it. So what the fuck happened? I didn't get to present my evidence or testimony, but you stated that you had heard and read some in your personalized form letter. You had no new material on the issue than you had a year ago when I filed this case. So you were either lazy and didn't bother to look at the case until recently, did your friend Fredrick a favor by ruling in his favor, or just plain mishandled the case with blatant incompetence. I'd like to believe that for my $85 dollar processing fee, that I'd at least get to fucking plead my side of the issue and a handshake from the all mighty Steve himself. Truthfully, I'm not sure what makes you so qualified to judge my case anyhow. Anyone monkey who can read law books and form an opinion is able to render judgements. I suppose that the truth of it all is that I was just hoping that your opinion would side with mine, which is what the civil code appears to do... although I never got to tell you that. If you are disregarding civil code, then you're just making shit up in reality, and that's not ethical is it? I'll file my appeal.. and even a complaint with the judiciary committee if I have to. Something isn't right about this on multiple levels, and I loathe unfair injustice.


Posted by Reese at March 23, 2005 10:03 AM