March 24, 2005

European Wusses For Real

When I was home for Christmas last the people I meet has some pretty outlandish ideas. So when one of the hostesses at one of the parties apologized for having French cheese, because "we're supposed to be boycotting them, or something," I just rolled my eyes and filled my plate without giving it much thought. It's somewhat childish to get mad at someone who tells you you shouldn't do something when it turns out that doing it was probably a mistake.

Now it looks like I've found something to get me on the Freedom Fries Express. The French and Germans are not going to block Wolfowitz's nomination to the World Bank. This is a man who was a party to one of the largest frauds ever perpetrated on the American people. Now he's going to run a bank? Martha Stewart is still wearing an radio ankle bracelet around Turkey Hill for telling a fraction of the lies this man has told.

Not to mention his buddies possibly getting sued by the SEC.

Do you want to know what the secret to getting into the pants of Europe's leaders? When they start bringing up all of the things you've done just tell them "You don't know me." This should work. Lord knows I've used this one in Junior High, but who'd have thought it would work in the world of grown-ups. That was what Martha should have done:

"But you're lying to us, we're the FBI"

"Listen junior G-man you don't know me"

"You're right ma'am sorry to have bothered you."

"And give me back my hot glue gun"

"Yes ma'am"

This is more or less what the European leaders are doing now and I have to admit that it almost makes me countenance the propaganda that they did it for Saddam.

Posted by Spicolli' at March 24, 2005 10:10 AM