March 24, 2005

My Court Case

The saga doesn't end as I've learned today, from the "Concierge" that it will cost me $130 dollars to appeal my case. It didn't cost me even $100 dollars to file a fresh new one... maybe I should just file one again and save about $35 dollars... but that's not how the system works. If they can fuck you once, they will fuck you again and at a 30% mark-up! That's politics in a nutshell. Big thanks to the "Concierge" for his help. He will go nameless to protect his innocence and association with this site, considering his conservative ways. If this all goes down, he could be considered the "deep throat" of my individual scandal and corruption busting efforts. I've decided to ride the train a little longer.. after all, this is about principle and I'll be lucky to break even after filing so much shit just so that I get some kind of restitution. As for today, it's Five Happiness day and I'll be damned if all of my problems will stop me from enjoying some hunan chicken! What are my problems you ask? Well, I have to make a doctor appointment for a sinus-type and upper respiratory thing bothering me off and on for what seems like a year now. I've got to bring my piece of shit 2000 Ford Focus in for extended warranty repairs for the umpteenth freaking time and for the umpteenth freaking different problem, I've got things at my job that are stressing me out because they are problems that have been left over from B.C. it seems, in which i have to solve and work on in a 6X6 closet converted into an office (all you do is add a window facing the hallway, an A/C vent, and some outlets) where I get practically zero human contact and only the ticking of my Timex to keep me company, I've got my girlfriend's car, which has an odd problem where the gas tank seems to leak when filled over a certain amount (yes, another product of the great Ford family, the Ford Tempo, which was a monumental piece of shit car in the early and mid 90's only to be replaced by the Escort, and then 2000 Focus as their #1 problem child, I've got my sister who owes me money and has only recently not gotten on my nerves by neglecting every house chore you can imagine, I need to make a dentist appointment too, it appears that through a rough first draft that I'll owe damn near $500 dollars in taxes according to H&R Block (so I'll seek a second opinion on that calculation), I probably wont be able to go to Germany with my friend CJ, because of financial obligations elsewhere, my cell phone is 3 years old and probably giving me cancer due to lower band emissions, the refinery near my home spews out more carcinogens each month to ensure that some type of cancer will befall me, I've got to deal with Easter with Daphne and my mom, which is sometimes not a good mix, I'm tired, need a vacation, and there's countless other problems plaguing my mind that I won't get into! OK? (Wow, I just ran a spellcheck and was 100% accurate on the first draft...go me!)

Posted by Reese at March 24, 2005 10:28 AM

When I went into depression mode this morning I didn't know it was contagious. I should have protected the reciever.

Posted by: Spicolli at March 24, 2005 10:18 AM