March 24, 2005

Reese Presents: YOU MAKE THE CALL!


Jeb Bush:

A) Is swiftly coming to the rescue of Terri Schiavo saying that she may have been misdiagnosed, even though he's been governor since 1998 and didn't give a didn't seem to give a shit until 2002, coincidentally his reelection year.

B) Said, "I visited Terri and had to pinch her nose, because the mustard stains on my tie sent up an aroma that caused a lip smacking drool-fest of hunger on her face... I was truly sickened and appalled and had to throw away half of my whopper combo!"

C) Is using this publicized so-called tragedy as a public relations soapbox and possible future presidential nomination by promoting himself as the even kindest, and most gentle "Bush" yet.

D) Is trying to frame his presidential run against Bill Frist. Sure Frist can bend the constitution to try to get the tube back in, but he can actually get it done with one executive order. Silly ineffectual Washington insider!

Posted by Reese at March 24, 2005 9:49 AM