March 29, 2005

Fritos, Beef Jerky and Peeps

My mom sent me a care package for Easter. It consisted of a Fritos, preserved meats and Peeps. I got a note in my mailbox to pick it up last week Wednesday and picked it up Friday. This is the most subtle and possibly the most effective part to date of their efforts to get me to move back. There is a place in my home town, Salmon's Meats, that makes contented cows into delicious jerky using both 'spices' and 'flavorings.' Cool beans. The flavor of this stuff was like Proust's Madelines. I spent the morning of Good Friday picking this package up from the post office, then went to an eye doctor appointment full of meat. I need a stronger prescription. I texted my F.B. on the bus home to see about later that day. I proceeded to eat more meat and some beer and was transported to my parent's basement. I was very happy. I vowed that after my F.B. left I would get my resume in order and send it out to at least 5 people--- after editing the tape of the concierge's wedding. Then I took a nap as I hadn't heard from the F.B. I wake up and the F.B. tells me he's working till 7. I schlep to the gym and exchange some text. I leave a voice message with another F.B. to see about a M..T. I shower and find some chocolate in the fridge start melting it in case the F.B. wants some. The F.B. arrives and yadda, yadda, yadda I'm ready for bed.

On Saturday I head up to the office. I eat at the former T.G.I.F in the building and the wait staff has me outnumbered 5-to-1. Also, I witness the partial de-tchotchke-fication of the joint. I ask if I can have one of the tubas on the wall and am informed that they are spoken for. I transfer part of the wedding to the computer and encounter some errors. Check my e-mail and read my blogs, write a bitter, oblique account of Friday night and go home.

Sunday I sleep in. I had this weird dream, it was a behind the scenes documentary about a Stanley Kubrick adaptation of a Martin Amis novel. For some reason the character was John Self, but it wasn't Money. Anyway the sets were incredible. It was this lived in ultra-modern, probably inspired by all of the modern home stuff I read. Their was this lighting system of lit, colored, vinyl tubes that could be lowered for effect. I saw something that looked like it on a modern site today and it freaked me out.

But I digress. I transfered more of the wedding. I went to the former Fridays for lunch and went over to Borders where I split my pants and bought a fitness book. Went to Kmart to get new, huge pants. Checked my e-mail and my blogs and was ready to go home again. I walked outside and it was something like forty degrees colder than the last time I went outside. 'This sucks,' I thought. It was late so I called a cab.

Monday was pretty uneventful. Ran some statistics for work. Tracked some weird errors in the data. Also found a weird error in search results on our site. Talked to Reese about the state of the world for almost an hour. He thought the Miss Manners thing was funny so I released it. Transferred more wedding. Felt like I'd been procrastinating. Jose, the cleaning guy, asked me to look up the exchange rate for dollars to lempiras. It was something else, I thought the Canadians had an unfavorable exchange rate, little did I know that it takes nearly 20 lempiras to buy a dollar. I went out to eat with Jose after he got done. The bartender was a sort of hoochie. Jose and I talked about the state of the world. He sees a lot of issues the same as I do. Michael Jackson: freak, steroids hearings: bullshit, vegetative state: not for us. Six beers later we settle the tab and I go home.

I had a hell of a time getting up this morning. I get in kinda late. Explain what was happening with the search results and explain where I was with it. I call tech support. Get back to stats. Get some reports and start putting them online. Tech support calls back, points out that the newest search templates don't have the problem I describe. I start to investigate and accidentally overwrite my work from the day before. Start redoing that and working on documents. Have lunch with Reese. Go home early to meet an F.B. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Kick him out and do laundry and now I'm at the internet cafe. The guy next chair over is explaining to his friends that the character in the game he's playing is named after a Japanese breakfast cereal. I resolve to finish a post today.

Posted by Spicolli' at March 29, 2005 10:06 PM