April 2, 2005

Remote Dorkus Blogorama # 3

Well, I'll be heading back to town tomorrow. It's been an interesting week.

Coincidences seize the minds of man. It's easy to believe in divine intervention when something coincidental happens that fits into your world view. Sure being paranoid helps. I am almost certain that the fact that two earthquakes happened in Southeast Asia near Christian holy days is being spouted from pulpits as reason to repent. This in spite of the fact that neither day is really an anniversary of the events they are perported to be anniversaries of. Just yesterday one of the speakers gave a demo of map making software and by amazing coincidence the town they were mapping was my home town -- a town of 1933 souls about a mile and a half at it's longest. Things like that make people who haven't really committed to reason, per se, to wonder about forces beyond their control. "Is God telling me to go home?" one might think. Then the purpose of the that local became clear, it was a courtroom presentation on a manure run-off case. "God's reminding me that there's a chance of drinking cow poop water if I go home," one might think.

Watching TV this week reminds me why I don't have one. I think it was an anchor who said something like: "This Terri Schiavo thing has America divided right down the middle." Oh really? I think the polls mainly show that most people tend to agree with Michael. The shear volume of insanity was something else. I saw ET ask Pamela Anderson for her opinion on Schiavo. WTF!?!?!?!

Big up to Prince Charles though. I'm amazed he hasn't snapped sooner. You may be saying, what snapping. He just muttered "I hate these bloody people." That might be expected if he were an American prince, like say when Bush muttered about a Times reporter that he was a 'major league asshole.' The British stereotype is that hold it in or are witty about it at least, so I guess that somewhat explains the shock. Still I think this is a case of the pervasive make-the-headline-bigger style of TV News.

Saw Sam Harris on O'Reilly too this week. He managed to hold his own, it seemed. It has galvanized my resolve to read his book.

OK almost our of time. More later

Posted by Spicolli' at April 2, 2005 4:14 AM

Looks like you got one off of your death watch. The Pope has officially been announced as dead.

Posted by: brandolyn at April 2, 2005 3:23 PM

Change the format of this site to that of a news site like CNN.
There's a reason those guys present their stories the way they do.

Posted by: BostonDude at April 2, 2005 6:26 PM

It's really sad the way you desecrated the Pope and the Catholic religion...

I thought being "liberal" meant you were open-minded and accepting of another's perspective in the world... I see you only accept the opinions of those who agree w/you... It's really so typical... Everyone is a hypocrit but you... Are you blind?

Why would anyone berate a selfless man who spent his life serving humanity? You're sad man... really sad...

Is this really how you feel, or have you only altered your opinions to stir controversy and/or fit a mold of how you want people too see you?
I hope for the latter...

Posted by: BostonDude at April 2, 2005 6:35 PM

You watched ET??? I have a T.V. and avoid low-brow shows like that... when I'm 85 and the alzheimers hits, I'd be hell if all I can remember is meaningless information about celebrities!!!

Posted by: Reese at April 4, 2005 8:29 AM