April 4, 2005

New ads blast Bush Social Security plans

The worst president ever is doing it again! Winning scores of fans with his wit, charm, and agenda! Just like ole Jefferson did back in the early 1800's. Old people are getting as fed up with this asshole as the young-ins. Take away your cheaper Canadian drugs, Social Security retirement money, raise taxes, raise gas prices, and the top it off by insulting the proud veteran men and women from WWII with this disgraceful, very false intelligence-driven fiasco in Iraq, and you'd be pretty darn fed up as well. I've seen an AARP commercial that was pretty good using an analogy by basically saying that if you have a messed up drain, would you tear down the entire house?... and comparing that with what Bush is trying to do with Social Security. Well America, Jeb is coming to ask for your vote soon.. what will you do then? Is the 3rd time the charm, or do you see a horrific and shallow republican gene pool a brewing? America, you are smarter than that... aren't you?

Posted by Reese at April 4, 2005 10:47 AM

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Posted by: Misho at September 2, 2005 1:43 AM