April 7, 2005

Cookie Monster Giving Up Sweets?

Yes, it may be true! Actually, I don't usually like to write about entertainment stuff, but this is something that many people I know grew up on. "'C' is for Cookie", I'd sing in my superman underwear and matching t-shirt. I grew up on delicious chocolate chip cookies, myself. Never was I a big OREO fan, but if that was all that was left, I'd make do. I even had a method of taking the cookies (usually Chips Ahoy) and placing them in a cup of milk.. then, I'd watch the milk slowly fill in the pourous areas of the chip, until the delicious morsel was no longer boyant thus sinking, like a small island off of the eroding Louisiana coastline, to the bottom of the cup.. but as it started to sink, I'd grab it and eat it... nice and soft now, and with just the right cookie to milk ratio! Yes, the cookie monster was a hero of mine.. and did I turn out to be obese? Actually, I'm 6'0 and 165lbs... even a little below the average weight for my height. What's next? Will Mr. Clean or the local health inspector visit Oscar The Grouch and explain sanitation habits, bacteria, and disease to him? Probably not, but in the world where the status quo seems to always win... welcome the new age, where everyone knows the wrong way to raise your children, but no one knows the right way. Even McDonalds is getting in on the act... there's a health movement that's come about recently and blame is being spread everywhere (just like most issues), from TV, Movies, Fast Food, Parents, Schools, etc... Who's right? Who has the right? Public schools should provide unbiased information on how the body works and what effect different ingredients in different kinds of food will do when ingested into the human body. That said, it's the parent's job to encourage the ritual of eating habits (if any) to their offspring, which may vary from family to family. If the family wants to teach fast food as a food group, that's their perrogative, and when the kids grows up fat and miserable, he can shoot or sue (harmful neglect?) his parents after therapy proves his depression was all caused from a slothish youth. This way, if the parents fail, which many do, the kids will at least be informed all the way through high school on the cause and affect of what is eaten.

Posted by Reese at April 7, 2005 3:41 PM