April 7, 2005

Daylight Saving BS

Cnn poses the question to their viewers:

***Should daylight-saving time be extended by two months?***

Here's a better question... Should daylight-saving time be abolished?

What is the purpose of this archaic ritual? A writer in 1947 wrote, "I don't really care how time is reckoned so long as there is some agreement about it, but I object to being told that I am saving daylight when my reason tells me that I am doing nothing of the kind. I even object to the implication that I am wasting something valuable if I stay in bed after the sun has risen. As an admirer of moonlight I resent the bossy insistence of those who want to reduce my time for enjoying it. At the back of the Daylight Saving scheme I detect the bony, blue-fingered hand of Puritanism, eager to push people into bed earlier, and get them up earlier, to make them healthy, wealthy and wise in spite of themselves." Well done, sir! Benjamin Franklin had a good idea at the time, but nowadays, there is little reason for it. Even some farmers do not like the idea, as their day starts at dawn. They often dislike the clocks changing mid year. Poultry producer Marty Notenbomer notes, "The chickens do not adapt to the changed clock until several weeks have gone by so the first week of April and the last week of October are very frustrating for us." Congress had to pass laws to keep everyone's clock in sync as late as the 1960's... doesn't this all just seem so unnecessary in the 21st century?

Posted by Reese at April 7, 2005 11:29 AM