April 11, 2005

Every man has his price.

You may think that you are pure of heart.. that you have the integrity to never sell out to your principles... but I beg to differ, for every man has his price. When I say man, I also mean women as my reference to man is to represent mankind, ok? This story, "School to pay students for tips on campus crime" , goes right along with my theory that every man has his price. How good of loyal friends do you have to be to turn town $100 as a teenager? You may may be the most patriotic individual to walk the face of America. You may have a collectoin of flags from each decade since the US was formed. You may have served in the Army, then became a Senator... or even President. So, a man like this could not possible sell out his patriotism, or could he? If given the choice, most people would probably rather be rich in another country, than poor in the United States of America. This problem is human nature.. it's why government officials become corrupt.. it's why some free agents beg to be traded, it's why bands sell out to the corporate labels.. it's why soldiers go AWOL. No matter how much something may mean to you, nothing in the world means more to you than yourself. What is more important than your own life and existence? That's human nature.. it's the will to survive. It's a better you than me attitude. It's convincing yourself that it's about time that you get what you deserve.

Posted by Reese at April 11, 2005 10:01 AM

I used to snitch on my friends for free. I need to sue my High School for back snitching fees.

Posted by: Spicolli at April 11, 2005 11:37 AM