April 19, 2005

A slow farewell... followed by a babbling random ramble.

Being that I'm in the last two week stretch of my current job, it's like a long, drug-out, slow farewell... kinda like the whole pope funeral, except that my ordeal has a definite ending in sight (on the 29th of April). In the meanwhile, I'll make it easier for my predecessor and document things and finish up a couple of other things.... all in the name of having the consumer enjoy the best damn daiquiri in all of Louisiana (and beyond)! Apparently, computers and alcohol do mix, but I don't find it to be a job that I love to do, personally. What does this mean for the several (if that) readers we have here at Provocative Planet? Great things! More articles! More funny! More angst!!! Teaming up with Spicolli is the kind of thing that would make us radio gods, if we were to persue a disc jockey morning show career. The Reese & Spicolli Show would be dynomite! Are we that good? Well, we're better than most of the crap that I've heard on the radio, and that shit is PRODUCED! From the "twins" on 106.1FM (check them out!) who are the epitomy of trailer trash radio.. they are not only obviously unintelligent, unentertaining, but even their voices are annoying as all hell. Why does this bother me so? After all, I could easily change the channel... well it doesn't bother me at all, I'm just stating my opinion of it. They cater to a crowd of simpletons, which is great, because the local New Orleans Metro area is chock full of them. They are probably the worst of what is available, but the rest are not too far off. Walton and Johnson have a good thing going... I remember listening to them on the way to middle school, but now I can more understand their political and social humor. I don't listen to NPR, because the news is depressing enough, and that combined with road rage would only have nasty results! So what is the problem, Reese? I thought you said that this doesn't bother you... well the content doesn't bother me so much as the situation does, but only because the FCC dishes out a handful of licenses... quite unfair that there are a finite amount of legal broadcast stations and they are all owned by practically one company or two. I very much disagree with a lot of FCC regulations and rules. Before the internet, people could be influenced by whatever messages the media monopoly chose to transmit, and you know how easily influenced the American public is. Still they have a stronghold on shaping the nation of idiots... education is probably the only weapon against it. And as I may not have all of the answers, I do feel that the current situation is just plain wrong and needs fixing.

Posted by Reese at April 19, 2005 8:36 AM

More funny!! More angst!!

Posted by: Spicolli at April 19, 2005 8:55 AM

Get back to work, Reese!!!

Posted by: Gary at April 20, 2005 1:59 PM