April 19, 2005

News... of the World - Habemus Papam Edition

Ratzinger is elected as new Pope. This guy looks like John Paul II did at the time he was added to the Provocative Planet Deathwatch ListTM. Time to do some haggling with Reese on who gets this one.

Bush Backer Sues RNC Over 'W' Logo. The origin of the written letter in English is really 'double U': the 'W' sound of Classical Latin was represented by either 'U' or 'V' (so Caesar's 'veni, vidi, vici' was pronounced 'weni widi wici'), but in Mediaeval Latin the sound had become a 'V'. Both letters v and u were therefore ambiguous, and the sound was in Early English written as 'uu', or by the Runic symbol known as wyn. By the 14th century the modern ligatured form had become standard. (Note to self - in the future don't do free research for RNC)

How could my life be more futile at this point? Earth’s gravity may lure deadly asteroid. "It might put 2004 MN4 on course for a collision in 2034 or a year or two later: the unpredictability of its behaviour means that the danger might not become apparent until it is too late." Oh that's how. Extinction anyone? It'll just be rats, cockroaches and Ann Coulter, lovely.

Robots to ride camels at races next season. One day they have robot camel jockeys the next they have WMD. We must invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christiantity. (Note to self - don't do anymore research for evil, leggy, blonde wenches.)

Who's Donated Money to Tom DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust. Quite a level of corporate philanthropy. Is there a limit to contributions to legal expense trusts? It shouldn't be like campaign money, right? You don't run for congress expecting to get indicted, right? I ask because at first I suspected that Miller isn't on the list because it's owned by a South African company. In any event, Delay is probably sending this link around to start a bidding war.

Posted by Spicolli' at April 19, 2005 9:17 AM