April 20, 2005

News... of the World (Mostly non-papal)

BenedictXVI.com Owner Promises No Porn or Gambling. It was bound to happen. A quick survey of TLD's shows that The Holy See has most of the Vatican domain names iced up, but an enterprising smut-monger could probably find a niche.

Chavez: 'Mr. Danger' focused on Venezuela. <austinPowersVoice>Danger is only his middle name, Hugo.</austinPowersVoice> George Danger Bush, has a ring to it.

Elephants rampage through Seoul. Take one letter out and you have a good title for a history of the Religious Right.

GOP leaders face dissent in party. I guess titling the article 'GOP leaders face conscience in party' would be too accurate. It's like guys like John McCain who want to keep two centuries of congressional tradition going are nothing but nitpickers and quibblers. They should compromise and put 'conscience' in scare quotes, like earlier with "Poll: U.S. Catholics likely to follow 'conscience'." The weird thing about the pope coverage of late is that everyone feels they can cast judgement on who's being a good Catholic or not. Insane.

Posted by Spicolli' at April 20, 2005 12:34 PM