April 27, 2005

What are you looking at?

I just did a search on our website for the word "whores" and when the search resultes were shown to be empty, I cried foul! "Not enough whores on our site!", I shouted! Yeah.. I like writing and stuff, but this site needs more... maybe more time, more inspiration, and more writers? I know I'll have more time and inspiration in May, so that's cool. My current job situation inspires me like a lullaby and a bucket of nitols. Last night, I went to a concert. MSI (also known as Mindless Self Indulgence) were the main act for $15 dollars a ticket. A small venue at Twiropa that had an opening band as well. The opening number was this band called SMB (also known as Screaming Monkey Boner or Screaming Mechanical Brain. Not to be confused with the Steve Miller Band, although I'm sure that was not their intent!). The lead singer, Rev. John Wheeler IV, had a white roland keyboard strapped to his adbomen...tickling a few notes and a chord here and there.. nothing too fancy. He had this Weird Al Yankovic presence on the stage, which made the show more entertaining than the music would have done on it's alone. I suppose if they ever make it "big", I can claim that I was a fan before most fan's knew who they were.. or some bullshit like that. I can even lie and say that he blew snot out of his nose onto me and the crowd (actually, he blew a long nose-loogie safely onto the stage). Overall, they were pretty ok, but after waiting an hour after show was supposed to start (9PM), the crowd was a tad restless for the main attraction. It's just a little bit asshole to have people pay to come see you play, then to make them wait a half-hour past the time when the doors were supposed to open, then another hour for the opening band to start playing, then another hour til that band stops playing, then another 30 minutes before MSI decided to earn their keep. No appology or even a "sorry for the wait, bro!"... I mean if the lead singer was getting a BJ backstage and needed a few more minutes, I may have been more sympathetic, but there was nothing said to indicate that they gave a shit about the hardcore fans who showed up. I don't know of any bigger or smaller venue artist that would ever do that to their paying customers. MSI is better on CD than live it seems. They have two guys and two girls in the band. The female drummer knew some basic beats and didn't look very natural playing... she was probably lucky to even have THAT gig. The singer had all of his hair spiked up and it held tight and didn't once move or jiggle as he pranced around the stage (fixing it up was most likely the cause of the hour-long delay I'd assume). They were going through the motions of the process that they've done in city after city. Not really personable with his fans, just doing his thing. Of course, that's their prerogative, but it's probably not a good PR move if you want people to actually buy tickets and CDs... then again, I'm not in the "biz".. what would *I* know about not pissing your fans off and making them want more. Jessica supposedly liked them a lot before the concert, but was utterly disappointed aftewards citing that she may never buy another one of their CDs again. I suppose if a hardcore fan would not want to purchase anything to support them, then a guy like me would say that they weren't worth the support of a free (allegedly illegal) download off of KaZaa Lite! In CONCLUSION, I am a little more tired than normal, as we finally got back home after a brief detour to The Breakfast Club for some midnight munchies and orange juice and then douching myself in a nice warm shower (with Irish Spring... that shit smells good) and going to sleep.

Posted by Reese at April 27, 2005 8:46 AM

It was the venues call about the time, not our or MSI's, and even had we not played, MSI would've gone on at the same time. Glad you didn't totally hate the show or us though. Hope to see you in the future sometime.

Posted by: Bryan from SMB at June 19, 2005 6:00 PM