May 10, 2005

Car Hunt: results and non-hangover

After I talked to my dad I spent that Monday at work reading Consumer Reports and the local auto shopper. I stayed in constant contact with the insurance agent, since car insurance in the New Orleans area is an expensive farce. On that day I found a used red Corolla that I liked very much in my price range. I probably waited too long on that one. On this lot though I met the guy who I'd eventually buy from, the indefatigable Samuel.

So I spend three hours on the lot, mostly waiting, while Samuel confers with the math guys in the back. I tell him I can't do more than 250. He shows me a white Corolla that's had the windshield replaced and has to have backseat seat belts put in. I think about it. I talk to the other guy. He had a Kia with a 5 y./100k warranty extant, and 28k miles. I talk to Samuel again, we do some paperwork, and it turns out I need proof of insurance before going forward.

I like the idea of the warranty and the Kia was cheap. So I signed on for that. I had to tell Samuel that I was going for something else and on the phone it sounded like he was about to cry. Anyway, less than eight hours later when I went to get my down payment check back from Samuel the check engine light came on in the Kia. Although the warranty would have covered it and I don't believe in such things, this was a sign from God. I went back to the rental place returned the car, paid the 200 dollar return fee and went back to Sammy. There were tears and apologies and I heard all about the finance guy's wife's hysterectomy and sealed the deal.

So less than a week on Prozac and I've got a persistent headache, a car, a TV (you know while I'm at it), I'm not depressed so much as very worried about money. I look at the Guinness in my fridge and think if I have one, I'll be on the slippery slope back to using shank's pony.

Posted by Spicolli' at May 10, 2005 10:56 AM