May 10, 2005

Louisiana = Georgie Porgie (Makes 'em want to cry!)

Welcome back! Been a long time with no posts to show for it. Guess we've been lazy. Lazy springtime days down here in Louisiana. Mosquitos as big as a watermelon and roadkill filling in the potholes for a squishy hole that will not only spread animal guts onto your wheel well, but also throw your car out of alignment. That's the south. Corrupt politics... shitty roads (and too few of them too!)... it's the kind of place where a Janitor for the Orleans Parish School Board can make 70K+ a year cleaning up the worst schools in the state. It's the kind of place where a so called "sin" tax is proposed to raise money for Teacher pay.. that's right... higher taxes on alchohol, cigarettes, and gambling.. laws that defy all logic while promoting completely biased and discriminatory injustices. That's Louisiana.. just 1/50th of the complete puzzling and problem filled world of America.

Headline: Nagin Proposes City Takeover Of 20 Schools
Verdict: I thought that the city WAS running the schools? I suppose when a school board fails so horribly, you just cut out the middle man and take the shit over. The problem with inner city kids is numerous. First, you have the family and parents influence. Then you have peers and friends influence. Those two things you really can't fix, but the teacher and school influence you can. If there is any hope that will give these kids a better chance in the cruel world of real life, it's going to have to start at the school level. Kudos to Nagin for not letting this slide. It probably should have happened decades ago.

Headline: House Panel OKs Blanco's Cigarette Tax Proposal
Verdict: I dislike Blanco as it is. I'm not even sure how she got to be governor when her opponent, Jindal, was obviously more intelligent, more prepared, and logical. He was OBVIOUSLY the better choice, but thanks to small town minded prejudices combined with easily swayed sheep-like people (or sheeple), twas not meant to be. Now cut off the head and rest will fall, right? Wrong! The checks and balances don't work the way our forefather's thoguht it would.. not if they are as bad as the head. The whole system just fails and a completely illogical law can be passed even without popular approval. This Cigarette Tax is ludicris. I'm not a smoker nor shall I ever be one, but this is not only unfair to smokers but also the retailers who sell them. Why are they being unfairly targeted for the budgeting problems that the state can't seem to fix? It's pretty sick, but reality is just that... sickening sometimes. So Louisiana... you had the power to stop the madness, but you let the bitch in.. you get what you deserve.

Headline: City Planning Commission To Vote On Hotel Additions
Verdict: I have to admit that I'm against a planning commission even having to vote on hotel additions. I believe that if you own the property, you can do as you wish with it, historic or not. The government has too much influence where it shouldn't and this usually if not always impedes progress.

Now for National News Crapola:

Headline: U.S. to pay for emergency care for illegal aliens
Verdict: Now, I can see how this probably came about. Hospitals are kinda bound to an oath of some sort to help the sick and also it's a bad public relations move to let someone die... with that, they bitched to the government on losing money by helping illegal aliens.. solution? Let ole Uncle Sam, also known as the US taxpayer, take care of the bill. The two wrongs do not make a right.. do they really ever make one? Basically, this quick fix "solution" tells me that if *I* have an emergency and no insurance then I'll be put so far in debt that my grandkids will feel it.. unless of course, if I denounce my US Citizenship beforehand.. then all is candy apples and sugar, right? Humanity aside, why are we the only country that seems to put the needs non-domestic citizens ahead of it's own?

Headline: FBI: Swiss hacker infiltrated U.S. computers
Verdict: I like to hear stories like this. The government computer systems get hacked by someone outside the US's grasp. What to do? Well.. they should probably do something to fix their servers. The internet is public and if this was MY government, I'd probably come up with some proprietary security measures to ensure the safety of my network if I plan on using a PUBLIC medium in which to transfer data. Blame the hackers all you want, they are just exploiting flaws in the system.. microsoft flaws and otherwise. Good thing they exist or people would have a seroius illusion about the safetey of their networks.

Headline: Bush: Georgia 'beacon of liberty'
Verdict: And Bush said to the crowd that the former Soviet republic of Georgia is proving to the world that determined people can rise up and claim their freedom from oppressive rulers. Well, here's a man so blind by he and his cronies' agenda that he is completely oblivious to the irony of him being an oppressive ruler himself.. doing what he deems fit without consequence or public approval. Way to go hyporcite!

Headline: Jesus Christ in legal battle to get license
Verdict: Of course this article isn't talking about that famed historical figure named Jesus, however the news media thinks it'll grab your attention to write up the headline as so... that's what they do... make headlines worded in such ways that the story seems bigger, better, or scarier than it really is. It's called propaganda and spin.. the government does it all of the time along with businesses and the media. This man who changed his name to Jesus Christ loves his alleged lord and savior. However, the supposed church and state separated government seems to find ways to make a big deal out of two little words which doesn't mean anything to some citizens at all. Being offensive is a judgement call that no judge should be making a ruling using it as a reason NOR should it even matter as being offensive is completely relative speculation. The judge even goes so far as to say that he "believes" it will promote violence. Toward whom?? Jesus Christ?? If I thought my name change would make people violent toward me, then that's my risk to be had. I don't believe this guy's views on religion, but I do believe in his rights... and anyone who doesn't see how silly and wrong our goverment can be, then they are just as blind and ignorant.

Headline: No Muslim holidays on new school calendar
Verdict: I've said it once before.. when it comes to goverment, which includes public school systems, the only way to NOT OFFEND ANYONE is to CATER TO NO ONE! Eliminate religious recognition from all publicly funded institutions.

Now for some fun:

Headline: Figherfighters help sleeping family escape
Verdict: Aftewards, a sealy posturpedic helped the escaping family sleep.

Headline: Ex-weather chief talks about life in prison
Verdict: He told a reporter that there was a 35% chance of getting an ass pounding with highs in the upper 9's!

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