May 11, 2005

Why is everyone on drugs except me?

As I pull up to the red light ever so slowly, I notice that the fringe FM station I am listening to is starting to fade away, so I inch up toward the car in front of me getting dangerously close until the signal becomes strong enough for me to enjoy the music playing. Sometimes, if you like a song enough, you'll listen to it loyally while barely being able to clearly make it out through the static fuzz. I find myself going through psychological episodes each time I step behind the wheel of my 2000 Ford Focus. The term "road rage" only describes the later stages of driving aggravation, however there are many stages in between.. it's a sliding scale of emotions you go through. It's also hard to logically reason with yourself that this is the system and no system is perfect.. why? Because you are at the mercy of strangers when you drive. The system caters to all, and that includes the slow drivers, bad drivers, insane drivers, and just about any type or combination of drivers that can exist. It's just another example of a moment when life truly has you by the balls and there's no solution. So you go with it, and just accept the way things are. If you do not do this crucial step of acceptance or tolerance, you are probably just causing more stress upon yourself, right? Of course, life has enough stressful content to fill your wanting needs. I was reading about global warming a few minutes ago and thought to myself that it's a good thing that I won't live forever, because seeing humanity completely destroy itself would be harder to bare than the daily disappointing allotment of news articles that the media provides already. What's the point to my entry? Um... try not to give a shit if you don't have to and can't do anything about it anyway... how's that?

Posted by Reese at May 11, 2005 8:07 AM