May 13, 2005

Funny World

I laugh at all of the lawmakers trying to rescue their military bases from getting the axe. Greed rears it's ugly little head hardcore as each state finds that there's not enough soup to fill all of the soup bowls. Apparently, many lawmakers were under the disillusion that they're particular state had nothing to fear. Just like the WMD fiasco, more bad intelligence has put egg on their faces. Welcome to the Bush administration... I have to say that I have mad respect on the fact that the administration is not only screwing public citizens, but also politicians. At a time of supposed heightened terror alert statuses, why are we dismantling our domestic defenses? If it's a slap on the face for the thousands of soldier and Iraqi deaths caused by a war put into motion from questionably wrong intelligence, then this reduction in military is surely the icing on the cake. Now some communities are on the short end of the shit stick in relying on these military installations for economic stability. That's life, I suppose. I hope that in three years we can start rebuilding America, but that depends on too many factors to illicit any real hope from this normally optimistic soul.

Posted by Reese at May 13, 2005 2:43 PM