May 16, 2005

Fickle Finger or Strange Coincidence?

So it was Saturday the 14th, and it was a complete, long, and filling day. I ate breakfast at Piccadilly, got a haircut, changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, and a couple of spark plugs (the other 2 I couldn't reach) on the Tempo, played some basketball for two hours, and then headed out to Biloxi en route to see George Carlin. Me and Jess arrived at Ruby Tuesdays on highway 90 as it was around 5PM and we were hungry. Long story short, Angie, my ex fiance, was there as Jessica spotted her from the side of our booth. After several minutes, she came over and said hi and started to engage in small talk, like nothing ever happened. It was about a year and a half ago that we last spoke to each other and at that time she probably wanted to kill me...for I broke off our wedding engagement two months beforehand... it was all for the best though, as I said before, no good man would ever marry her unless he was a submissive pussy who caters to selfish materialistic biotches or retarded (Actually, retards probably have more class, sorry guys!). I feel so damn ashamed and dumb every time I think of the countless days I wasted in my life with her. Yes, I am to blame for being blinded. I am to blame for allowing it to go so long, but my mentality was one of two things. One, I was kinda tired of looking for a great girl as it seems I've just had bad luck. Secondly, I took a leap of faith and actually believed that I could have the type of relationship I wanted if I just worked at it. I was so fucking wrong and I was so fucking miserable. Not only did we have nothing in common, but she wasn't even on the same intellectual level was I was. I had to dumb things down and there was no way we could talk about politics or technology. "American Idol" was as high brow as the conversation got. Yep, I'm a much different man than the one she remembers, but even more importantly, I'm more like the guy I was before I met her. In no relationship should you ever feel like you lose a part of yourself. Now make no mistake about it, her visit to my table was a calculated one... she and her friend, Michelle probably contemplated the decision for a few minutes, then she came by so she could feel brave and get some kind of "closure" by telling me that she lives in Metairie and her husband, Derrek works at Entergy (However, being that he was working on a Saturday night, probably means that he isn't CEO or anything) ... How she's happier than she's ever been and thanking me for dumping her fat ass. Of course, I could have replied many things to that statement of self-promotion.. such as "Yeah, I should have done that shit on week one!" or "Any man with good sense would have done the same!" or "Cool, you can thank me by giving me my ring back."... I could have mentioned how much more successful, happy, and healthy I am since I left her. How I bought a house and took trips and had a grand time....but I kept it civil and just let it go.. what's the point? She pretty meaningless in my life ... hell, I didn't even gain anything from that relationship besides having another hole to occupy my dick with for a while...and she wasn't even good at THAT. I lost big.. losing time, money, and almost myself. Truth be told, her whole family is pretty fucked up. Her mom seems perfectly healthy. She's so compulsive, she's cleaning the house constantly. Putting in hard hours, yet she claims she cannot work. She even tried to get disability just like her son has, but it was luckily denied. Now, I'm not a chiropractor or doctor, but I do know that when I see people doing intense housework for hours at a time, that they could be viable in the workforce. People like that are just a couple of reasons why our social security isn't going to work. Every time I read the amount of money taken off of my check to support lazy trash (not the legitimate unfortunate people), I get pissed off and depressed at the same time. The system is the one to blame, I suppose. They make it easier for a "If I don't have to work, then why should I?" mentality breed ideas on how to get around doing actual labor to earn their income. I'm not perfect, but cancelling that wedding was the best decision I've ever made.

Enough about me...

George Carlin, the focal point of the evening, was great. He had written material he was using to refresh his memory as he presented it and practiced it for his HBO special coming up in a few months. He had a great piece and running gag on suicide along with great points, thoughts, and such all presented in a humorous way. The political stuff was great, but it got me depressed a little, because it's so true. I find that the way I think and view life is strangely parallel with the what George says. The guest comedian he had on beforehand was OK, but a completely different style. In all, I got to see my comedic idol, a true icon and creative funny man.

Posted by Reese at May 16, 2005 8:40 AM