May 16, 2005

Good Morning.. won't you be my neighbor?

Headline: 3 Die In Overnight House Fire
Verdict: Guess it's true, the house always wins!

Headline: Critics want to snuff sweet smokes - Lawmakers say flavored cigarettes target young smokers
Verdict: Who elects these assholes? I suppose this stereotype-like logic would mean that nature invented the sweet potato to target younger lifeforms? A nasty tobacco flavored cigarette is just fine, however add a little sugar to it, and it becomes wrong. I'd like to hear some congressman explain the TRUE reasoning behind this logic. Who's to say that an adult can't have a sweet tooth... apparently they do, or the market for these flavored cigarettes wouldn't exist. And what's the fucking moral difference between a sweet substance that is illegal if you're under 18 and a sweet tasting wine cooler that's illegal if your under 21!!!??! If congress has a problem with smoking teens, then that has already been taken care already, just enforce the laws already in place, assholes. This micromanagement fit that congress has been on lately is reminiscent of a type of government that I kinda remember, oh what was it called.. oh yeah, COMMUNISM?

So how does such a travesty get started? Maybe it goes something like this: A few congressmen walk into a convenience store, after a hard day of deciding what's best for keeping the public at bay. Tom Ridge suddenly peers over the counter and spots a pack of twinkies and says to himself, "My god! These fatty snacks are targeting children and they're on SALE!! Better get on the horn to Tom Davis on this one, something must be done!!!" Maybe if they were cigarette flavored twinkies, it'd be just fine. How about some ass flavored dental floss.. is that OK or would it target hygienic individuals to become hygienic homosexuals?

Posted by Reese at May 16, 2005 10:21 AM