May 18, 2005


Last night i had a dream. I was at some party or function at someone's house. I remember someone asking me for tweezers in a crowd. I went outside looking for Jess and somehow found my friends Kenny and Cyrille getting ready to watch something on the big screen, probably the new Star Wars movie. Next thing I know, I was being chased by a gang of guys shooting at me.. I try to run, but it's hard to run in dreams, I run through a field and past an opening in a stone wall, but eventually I am caught.. dream over. Funny how the mind works. I can actually see how some of the visions came to me. I was asked for tweezers a couple of days ago (and no, I wasn't playing Operation!). Cy invited me to go with him and Ken to see the new Star Wars movie this Saturday (with a detour to Ponchos Mexican Buffet beforehand). Sometimes I dream of nukes going off, which to me probably symbolizes how I truly believe that the US is destroying itself. That America is losing it's luster daily. And how it just doesn't seem as "great" as I was taught that it was back in elementary and middle school. Dreams are probably nothing more than random thoughts being filed away while you sleep, but they do have meaning sometimes and it's more of a reflection than a prediction.

Posted by Reese at May 18, 2005 9:27 AM