May 28, 2005

Paris Commerical - By Byron (Guest Writer)

It's amazing what a little of daddy's money & a surgeon can do!

Paris Commercial

The Hoopla


Hey Paris, you want to play with suds and display yourself for a LOCAL commercial (which probably paid next to nothing) go ahead, I could care less – But to disrespect a Bentley like that is simply inexcusable.

Personally, if Paris Hilton, who in my opinion sucks in the looks department, or even a good and HOT woman was washing my $200K+ Bentley and started rubbing on herself and climbing on it while scratching the hood with her heels, I would tell that bitch to get the fuck off and go clean a ’96 Geo or KIA at best.

But that’s just my opinion...


Posted by Reese at May 28, 2005 9:57 AM